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Your Web Intelligence Journey & Lumira
This SAPinsider event featured SAP's Ty Miller, Frank Prabel and others talking about the complementary paths of Web Intelligence and Lumira.
APOS BI Mobile App for iPad/iPhone
Connect simply and cost-effectively to your BI environment. Customizable.
Press Release - Announcing APOS Dashboard Auditor
APOS announced today at SABOUC 2014 the release of its new Dashboard Auditor for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius) and Design Studio.
Case Study: County of Santa Clara, Social Services Agency
Using APOS Insight and APOS Storage Center for deep system knowledge, migration preparation, regulatory compliance.
APOS Dashboard Migrator for Design Studio
Include Xclelsius components and dashboards in your Design Studio projects.
APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence Released
Bulk repointing of Web Intelligence reports in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1.
APOS Migrator for Crystal Reports Released
Bulk conversion of Crystal Reports 2011/2013 to Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.x.
APOS Storage Center Integrates with KOM Networks' KOMpliance
Tightly integrated, secure solution for data security and compliance.
BI 4 Upgrade Resources
Bulk converters - UNV to UNX, Crystal Reports 2011 to Enterprise 4.0
SAP BusinessObjects and HIPAA
Do the HIPAA Privacy Rule and HIPAA Security Rule apply to your BusinessObjects deployment?.
Xcelsius Bursting
APOS Publisher bursts Xcelsius to SWF, PNG, PDF, XLSX.
Migration SWOT Analysis
Building the business case for BI 4.0 migration.
BI 4.0 Migration Challenges
Formulate BI 4.0 migration best practices.
Well Managed Migration
How to achieve seamless migrations to SAP BI 4.0


Agile BI Platform Management - SAP BusinessObjects


Agile BI platform management requires a proactive approach to system analysis, administration, storage, data connectivity, and publishing. A well managed BI platform permits an agile response to the increasing demands of information consumers, and of the system itself.

Combatting BI platform chaos can be challenging, because your BI platform is a moving target. Growing volume and complexity in your content, and in your information consumers' data discovery and exploration requirements, can overwhelm both your existing system resources and your administrative resources if you don't face those needs proactively.

In the words of Peter Drucker, efficiency is doing things right, and effectiveness is doing the right things. Do you have the tools and resources to manage your BI platform both efficiently and effectively?


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Well Managed BI Blog

SAP BI Platform Management, Administration, Migration Planning

Robust platform management is the key to well managed BI  -- moving
beyond the merely reactive, repetitive and labor-intensive to achieve truly
proactive and progressive BI platform management. Simplify, automate,
enhance and extend your SAP BusinessObjects deployment with APOS
BI platform management and enterprise location intelligence solutions.

APOS well managed BI solutions help you understand your system, antici
-pate issues and plan for changing needs. They let you simplify, automate
and extend your SAP BusinessObjects deployment and leverage its features
for greater ROI.

A well managed BI platform is the key to a well managed SAP BI 4.0 migration.
The APOS suite of solutions help you plan, prepare, size, deploy and manage
your new BI 4.0 deployment.

More about APOS SAP BusinessObjects platform management solutions...

Webinars - Migration, Agility, Healthcare

Migration continues to be a hot topic in the SAP BusinessObjects community, and we continue our series of migration-focused webinars this Fall. Join us!

Agile BI Platform Management - The agile enterprise, like a chain, is only as agile as its least agile link. As BI becomes more mobile, self-service and real-time, BI platform managers and administrators need to become more agile to ensure appropriate service levels to their information consumers.

Healthcare - HIPAA, EHR, Meaningful Use - all create challenges for BI platform managers and administrators.


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