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Notice to our customers on log4j vulnerability:

APOS has confirmed that APOS software products are not affected by the current log4j issues.  This includes both our SAP Analytics Cloud focused solutions and our SAP BusinessObjects focused solutions.  APOS will continue to monitor this topic for any further updates.  For further information, please contact APOS Support team.

Also note that SAP has stated that all supported versions of SAP BusinessObjects are not affected by these log4j issues – see their statement at this link.

Platform Management & Data Connectivity

Whether you are working with SAP BusinessObjects on-premise business intelligence, with SAP Analytics Cloud, or a hybrid analytics solution, APOS well managed BI solutions will help you achieve maximum return on your investment now and into the future.

SAP BusinessObjects Solutions


APOS well managed BI solutions help platform managers and BI teams conquer the many resource-intensive tasks they encounter daily.

SAP Analytics Cloud Solutions

Analytics Cloud

APOS well managed Analytics solutions enable live data connectivity and document production & distribution for your SAP Analytics Cloud stories.


Hybrid SAP Analytics Solutions

Hybrid BI & Analytics

Hybrid scenarios that combine SAP BI and SAP Analytics Cloud present many challenges for platform managers and administrators. The APOS Live Data Gateway and APOS Semantic Data Driver solutions deliver the data connectivity you need to realize the greatest benefits of both worlds, while other APOS solutions can help you leverage your BI assets, analyze your BI system, safeguard your BI content, and streamline administration and operations.