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APOS Live Data Gateway Solution & Google BigQuery
In addition to a wide array of SAP, on-premise, and cloud-based data sources, the APOS Live Data Gateway now supports Google BigQuery. Other recently announced supported data sources include Oracle Exadata, MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas, MySQL, and Denodo.
APOS Live Data Gateway Solution & Microsoft Azure
The APOS Live Data Gateway enables live data connectivity from SAP Analytics Cloud to on-premise databases, with a key focus on non-SAP data sources.
New - Support for Microsoft Azure cloud-based resources - Microsoft SQL Server, MSAS.
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SAP BI & GDPR Compliance

The EU's General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) sets forth numerous new provisions for handling the private information of data subjects. How do these provisions affect your SAP BI operations?
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Detecting SAP BI System Change - Security & Usage

Learn how APOS well managed BI solutions help you build robust security & usage BI system change management processesl
SCN Blog - GDPR & SAP BI Compliance
What is the significance of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for BI practitioners? How will the May 25 GDPR deadline affect your BI deployment?
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Taking Command of BI System Change

For some, awareness of BI system changes is driven by a corporate governance mandate, while for others it may be fueled by industry compliance requirements. For a great many more, the need for clarity around system changes is driven by effective operational management of the BI system.

The SAP BI & Analytics roadmap points to a future of convergence in the Cloud, and the destination is an attractive one. While you travel that road toward the visionary future, you still need to do what is needed to provide visionary BI & Analytics today. APOS well managed BI & Analytics solutions help you resolve today's issues so you can meet tomorrow's challenges, and embrace the future of BI & Analytics while leveraging your past investment and maximizing ROI.

Hybrid Analytics & Data Connectivity

Your longstanding commitment to and investment in on-premise data sources need not prevent you from embracing the benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud. The hybrid model for Analytics Cloud brings these benefits within reach, and the APOS Live Data Gateway solution delivers the data connectivity you need to realize the greatest benefits of both worlds.

The APOS Live Date Gateway is a data connection and data transformation solution that:

  • Unlock's live data in your on-premise data sources for use in SAP Analytics Cloud, Lumira, and Analysis Office;
  • Provides secure access to on-premise data, allowing you to build and populate your Cloud stories while keeping your data inside the corporate firewall;
  • Leverages existing on-premise data and security models;
  • Reduces data bandwidth requirements; and
  • Provides the quickest path to SAP Analytics Cloud value

Platform Management & Administration

BI platform management and administration are typically time- and labor-intensive, but they don't have to strain your resources. APOS well managed BI & Analytics solutions automate many of the most time-consuming and error-prone platforma management and administration processes, allowing you to focus your resources on higher-ROI activities.

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Change Management

The only constant in BI & Analytics is change, and APOS well managed BI & Analytics solutions apply automation to help you manage change proactively:

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Governance & Compliance

BI & Analytics are not one-size-fits-all propositions. Different industries have different information requirements, and different governance and compliance mandates.

The essential difference between governance and compliance is that compliance is rules-based, and governance is principles-based. You implement governance measures to protect the value and reputation of your organization from unintended consequences and intentional malfeasance, whether internal or external.

APOS well managed BI & Analytics solutions allow you to implement governance principles into your BI & Analytics operations by design. They give you the knowledge of your system so you can understand where the risks lie, and the bulk capabilities and automation to mitigate that risk.

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APOS Insight

APOS Insight provides system metrics, performance analytics and system planning capabilities.

APOS Storage Center

APOS Storage Center provides the backup, archive, selective restore and automated cleanup capabilities you need to implement a smart system storage strategy.

APOS Administrator

APOS Administrator provides agile BI platform management capabilities for SAP BusinessObjects, including bulk management of objects, schedules and instances.

APOS Migrator for SAP Web Intelligence

APOS Migrator for SAP Web Intelligence assists rapid adoption of the new UNX semantic layer.

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