Rapid change, growing customer needs, competitive pressures, and regulatory requirements are critical drivers behind the need for effective Business Intelligence (BI). You implement BI to optimize financial, operational, marketing and data governance practices. But what do you do to optimize the performance and availability of your BI system, and the service levels provided to your BI user community?

Robust BI platform management is the key to well managed BI — moving beyond a reactive, repetitive and labor-intensive approach to achieve truly proactive and progressive BI platform management. Robust platform management is a function of:
  • Rapid Impact Analysis — knowing how change will affect the ability of your BI system to deliver information to the right people, at the right time, and in the right format
  • Bulk Administration — automating processes to meet system and user needs efficiently, while minimizing drain on resources and risks of error
  • Flexible System Storage — implementing a system storage strategy that includes archive, backup, selective restore and versioning capabilities, ensuring the safety and availability of your BI content and manage its migration between deployments
  • Timely Monitoring, Alerts and Automated Responses — understanding system performance challenges and opportunities, seeing what needs your immediate attention, and responding directly or automatically based on predefined system states and thresholds
  • Comprehensive Auditing — ensuring your BI system complies with corporate data governance standards and relevant regulatory requirements
  • Enhanced Publishing — ensuring the right content is delivered to the right people at the right time and in the right format through tightly controlled document production, publishing and distribution workflows
  • Effective Data Connectivity — leverage valuable data assets, data sources and data providers within the SAP solution landscape
  • Efficient Technology Adoption — leveraging new SAP BI technology to improve your ability to meet and exceed user expectations

APOS Systems was founded in 1992, and is a long-time SAP partner focused on SAP BI solutions. We build solutions and products to simplify, automate, enhance and extend BI platform management, administration, and technology adoption.

More about APOS SAP BusinessObjects platform management solutions...

APOS Insight

APOS Insight provides system metrics, performance analytics and system planning capabilities.

APOS Storage Center

APOS Storage Center provides the backup, archive, selective restore and automated cleanup capabilities you need to implement a smart system storage strategy.

APOS Administrator

APOS Administrator provides agile BI platform management capabilities for SAP BusinessObjects, including bulk management of objects, schedules and instances.

APOS Migrator for SAP Web Intelligence

APOS Migrator for SAP Web Intelligence assists rapid adoption of the new UNX semantic layer.

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