Live Virtualized Data Connectivity


Unlock LIVE virtualized, governed, self-service data connectivity


Ensure your analytics-driven decision-making is successful with comprehensive data access. A vast majority of organizations need access to multiple data sources, internally, externally and cloud. Too many data systems and disparate data sources are a huge, fueling the need for efficient live connectivity to all of your important data assets.

APOS Data Connectivity solutions provide live, virtualized, governed, self-service data connectivity to non-SAP data sources, including relational and OLAP sources, and the vital cloud data platforms. Effective analytics and connectivity to targeted SAP business application data can also be achieved with APOS data connectivity solutions.


APOS Live Data Gateway for SAP Analytics Cloud

APOS Live Data Gateway



Connect SAP Analytics Cloud to non-SAP data sources

Expand, simplify and unify your data connectivity for SAP environments and other analytics landscapes to leverage the important benefits of live data connectivity.


APOS Live Data Gateway for Power BI and SAP DAta Warehouse Cloud

APOS Live Data Gateway for Power BI + SAP Data Warehouse Cloud


Connect Microsoft Power BI to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with DirectQuery

Fast, efficient and transparent data access through DirectQuery connections for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.


APOS Live Data Gateway for SAP Landscape

APOS Live Data Gateway for the SAP Landscape



Stream non-SAP data into various SAP applications

Stream non-SAP data into various SAP applications (SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud Planning).


APOS Live Data Gateway for Ariba

APOS Live Data Gateway for SAP Ariba


Simplified and efficient analytics for SAP Ariba

Simplify and optimize integration of SAP Ariba procurement statistics and analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud to address analytical reporting needs on operational procurement, contract workspaces, external approvals, sourcing, spend analysis, and supplier data.



APOS Semantic Layer

APOS Semantic Layer


Simplify and unify data connectivity across BI and Analytics applications

Remove the complexities of data connection, data structures and data linking from your analytic user’s experience. Replace complexity with a common business layer that provides a simplified, secured, and governed connection point to data.



APOS Semantic Layer Migrator

APOS Semantic Layer Migrator (UMMA)


Liberate Your SAP BI Data Modelling Logic

APOS data modelling technology creates a unified semantic layer allowing your enterprise stack to consume data from a wide variety of cloud-based, OLAP, relational, and application data sources. Expand your data modelling translation capabilities, reducing time to value and providing flexibility for a wide range of business processes other than Analytics that need to access numerous data sources.


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Why APOS Data Connectivity Solutions?

Unified Data Connectivity

Access relational, OLAP, Cloud, and Hadoop data using a single connection mechanism

Universal Semantic Layer

Provide easily consumed data models for all your data assets

Governed Data Connectivity

Control the data elements users can access

Democratized Self-Service BI

Simplify data access for all users without database/IT knowledge

Self-Service Data Modelling

Easily build and share views on your data for agile data modelling

Agile Data Discovery

Broaden and speed access to new data for discovery without burdening IT resources



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WR Grace Success Story with APOS Live Data Gateway

Direct data connectivity in live mode to Oracle, SQL Server and Google BigQuery

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W.R. Grace established direct data connectivity in live mode to Oracle, SQL Server, and Google BigQuery while dramatically reducing resources

"The APOS solution was extremely easy to deploy, simplifying the processes of connecting to Google BigQuery and our other data sources. We were also pleased with live data connectivity using the APOS Live Data Gateway because it kept all data within the corporate firewall for an added level of security."
- Sunil Kumar, SAP Enterprise Architect, W.R. Grace


Global Reinsurance Success Story with APOS Live Data Gateway

Performant live data connectivity with current data from non-SAP sources

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A top-ranked global reinsurance organization connected live data from Postgres and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) data cubes for comprehensive real-time reporting.

The analyzed data is current while remaining in the original data source location.

Web-based interface enables quick and easy deployment or semantic layer views on the target, non-SAP data sources.


You are in good company

Some of the hundreds of organizations using APOS well managed BI solutions across the globe:

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