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Uniting SAP Analytics Cloud and the Snowflake Data Cloud –
Live Connectivity for High Performance & Efficiency

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Thurs. April 20 - 11am EDT



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MOVE IT OR LOSE IT! Automating Your Upgrade to UNX Universes

With SAP's announcement that SAP BusinessObjects will continue for the foreseeable future as an on-premise BI platform, conversion of UNV universes to UNX has become a priority for many organizations that had been biding their time until now.

The SAP BusinessObjects platform will cease to support the UNV universe after BI 4.3. SAP’s Laura Vega describes this situation as, "UNV is dead, long live UNX." While this sunset seems to be in the distant future, organizations need to consider what is required to make an orderly and efficient transition to UNX universes. An orderly and efficient upgrade -- one in which you manage your resources and content effectively -- takes time to plan and execute.

This session focused on how APOS Web Intelligence Migrator can help you automate and accelerate your UNX conversion and Web Intelligence repointing. We demonstrated how the planning and execution of your upgrade does not need to be intimidating. What you will learn:

  • Why upgrade to UNX now?
  • What are the challenges you will face upgrading to UNX?
  • How does automation make this project achievable?
  • How does APOS automation allow you to control the process confidently?

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Technical Deep Dive – APOS Live Data Gateway

APOS Live Data Gateway provides great efficiency and performance benefits through direct, live connectivity from SAP Analytics Cloud to a vast number of Enterprise data sources.

Watch this deep dive with APOS solution consultants into this solution with in-depth demos.


  • Setup/Configuration
  • Data Virtualization Layer
  • Data Preparation Layer
  • Data Consumption Layer
  • SAC Story Creation with Live Connectivity Demonstration

Review Earlier APOS Live Data Gateway Webinars

This is a technical session, and you will get the most out of it if you are already familiar with the APOS Live Data Gateway solution. We recommend viewing one or more of our earlier sessions on demand:

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High Performance, Live SAC Connectivity to All Your Enterprise Data Sources

This session focused on the great efficiency and performance benefits of direct, live connectivity from SAP Analytics Cloud to a vast number of Enterprise data sources using APOS Live Data Gateway, including:

  • Advantages of Live Connectivity for SAC deployments/users
  • High performance live connectivity solution structure
  • How to leverage data assets from many Enterprise data sources:
    • Cloud sources: Snowflake, Azure, AWS and Google
    • On premise sources: relational sources such as SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, DB2 and many more
    • OLAP sources: Azure Analysis Services, Oracle Exadata, Essbase
    • Specialized applications: Salesforce, Google Analytics, SAP Ariba, etc.
  • How to leverage DirectQuery connectivity to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud from Power BI

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Technical Deep Dive - APOS Publisher for Cloud Enterprise

This session provides a deep dive with APOS solution consultants into this solution with in-depth demos and live Q&A. See how to:

  1. Create a new User/Group/Folder in Admin Utility
    1. Create a User
    2. Create a Group and Assign User to Group
    3. Create a Folder and Assign Group to Folder
  2. Log in to P4C Desktop using Auth File for User
  3. Create a new Bursting Definition (using datasource when applicable)
    1. Select Story
    2. Select Format/Destination
    3. Select Pages from Story to burst
    4. Add filter(s)
  4. Burst a Story to Email
  5. Build Bursting Definitions with Templates
  6. Set up a Schedule using built in option

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New Team Collaboration for Enterprise Broadcasting of SAP Analytics Cloud Stories

This session highlights the new APOS Publisher for Cloud Enterprise Edition, our solution for bursting, broadcasting, publishing and distributing personalized SAP Analytics Cloud stories to end users. Learn how the new APOS Publisher for Cloud Enterprise Edition adds team collaboration, enabling different departments and groups to collaborate safely and share data securely on one enterprise system.

Learn how to leverage automated, data-driven broadcasting, and see these new and expanded enterprise level capabilities:

  • Enhanced Security
    • Users & Groups
    • Access Rights
  • Shared & Private Folders
    • Public folders enable authorized user groups to collaborate to build bursting definitions and broadcasting content
    • Private folders control access to bursting definitions and broadcasting content
  • Shared & Private Data Sources
    • Expanded bursting data sources
    • Public data sources for broad access by those creating bursting definitions
    • Private data sources for controlled access to bursting details
  • BW User-Based Broadcasting
    • Automatically broadcast BW-based stories based on BW authorizations
    • Available to support other live data sources also
  • Upcoming Enterprise Edition Features
    • Scalability
    • Self Service Publishing

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Right-Sizing SAP BusinessObjects for Your Next Step

Right-sizing your SAP BusinessObjects environment is important regardless of whether you are planning a platform upgrade, adopting SAP Analytics Cloud, moving to a hybrid BI deployment, upgrading to BI 4.3 (and beyond to BI 2024?) or making some other change or shift in your SAP BI deployment. This webinar will highlight ways to achieve your right-sizing objectives for such changes, and ensure your system runs efficiently and cost-effectively.

To ensure your system runs efficiently and cost-effectively, you should:

  • Rationalize – Assess necessary and unnecessary content, users, licenses and infrastructure.
  • Reduce – Find and remove unnecessary users and content from the system.
  • Restructure – Make your infrastructure and licensing fit your needs.

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Leverage Live Data Analytics - Unlock Value with APOS Live Data Gateway

This webinar focused on how you can leverage the benefits of live data connectivity in your SAP Analytics.

We discussed considerations for live data connectivity to a wide range of data assets and platforms, and how APOS Live Data Gateway enables this live connectivity for SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Power BI, cloud data platforms (Snowflake, Google, AWS, Azure), and many more relational, OLAP, and legacy sources.

Solution concepts discussed included:

  • Primary value considerations delivered through live data access
  • Live data query performance
  • Simplified data access and expanded governance with a unified Semantic Layer
  • Security and authentication integration
  • Advanced live data considerations, such as custom hierarchies, variables, geospatial support

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What's Coming Next in SAP BusinessObjects Version 4.3, SP3

In this session, SAP’s Patrick Sims presents a very important update on what’s coming in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3, Service Pack 3 – and beyond.

Key session topics include:

  • New Features in Version 4.3, Service Pack 3
  • User Experience improvements
  • Web Intelligence roadmap
  • Current and future platform deployment options

`…and more.

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SAP BusinessObjects Statement of Direction & Roadmap Update

Gregory Botticchio, Director, Analytics Product Management at SAP, presents a very important update regarding the roadmap plans and a new Statement of Direction for SAP BusinessObjects. This update will include important new plans for upcoming versions of SAP BusinessObjects for on-premise deployments, along with the latest information about the extension of official support timelines for SAP BusinessObjects on-premise deployments.

Key session topics:

  • SAP BusinessObjects version Roadmap Update (On-Premise deployments; Private Cloud Edition)
  • SAP BusinessObjects Product Support Update:  Extension and updated timelines
  • SAP BusinessObjects Product Feature Update

`…and more.

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Impact Analysis for SAP BusinessObjects - Flashes of Insight

Impact analysis is a critical need for BI teams as BI systems and system content evolve rapidly. As data structure changes are being planned or implemented, it is important to know what BI content will be or has been affected by those changes. This is a common concern that creates challenges whenever database or semantic layer changes are made. These may be internally driven changes, or may result from externally driven changes in a third-party application (healthcare EHR systems, for example). Such data source changes can also affect financial reporting internal controls.

Learn how to:

  • Foresee and measure the impact of any data source changes with detailed metadata to record system content changes
  • Which reports and universes will be affected by database schema changes?
  • Which reports will be affected by modification of objects in universes
  • Foresee and measure the impact of environmental changes
  • Use impact analysis to achieve regulatory/internal control compliance and to accelerate EHR upgrades

…and more.

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Latest Updates and News on SAP Analysis for Office

SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office (Analysis Office) and its flexible analytical capabilities continues to be a very popular tool for self-service analytics with many organizations and users, but what’s ahead for SAP Analysis Office users in this time of digital transformation? Many organizations are eager to address key questions to help them plan their analytics future. What are the latest SAP Analysis Office capabilities? What is the vision for SAP Analysis Office?

Join SAP’s Jeanne Bigonnet and the APOS team to learn about:

  • The latest SAP Analysis Office updates and the roadmap for its future
    • Assess the latest advancements for SAP Analysis Office
    • Understand SAP Analysis Office and its importance for you
    • Plan your next steps for SAP Analysis Office in your organization
  • How APOS technology can help you expand your use of SAP Analysis Office with:
    • Scheduling and distribution
    • Expanded formats and destinations

…and more.

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SAP BusinessObjects Query Management and Governance

This session examines the topics of report query management and governance for SAP BusinessObjects, and continues our “Flashes of Insight” webinar series. In this session, see how APOS Insight can help you:

  • Gain visibility into the performance of your BI queries
  • Manage and automate controls over long-running queries
  • Audit the details of your BI queries, and understand who is executing the queries
  • Track the usage of sensitive data
  • Fulfill all the points above without reliance on your DBA team

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Automated Report Testing for SAP BusinessObjects - Flashes of Insight

Content validation is a necessary step in the implementation of new versions and SPs of SAP BusinessObjects. Automated report testing ensures your reports stay the same through environmental changes (database, universe, operating system/software upgrades), compliance, upgrade testing, and day to day testing, while eliminating much of the drudgery of this part of the process.

We discuss:

  • Regression Testing
  • Upgrade/Migration Testing
  • Report Modification Governance

… and more

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Fast Forward Your BI: Automate WebI UNX Migration for Database Upgrades & More

Many SAP BusinessObjects customers are making the transition away from UNV universes to UNX universes.

What they are discovering is that, as data platforms advance, they may no longer support older BusinessObjects features such as UNV universes. For these organizations, whether small, medium or large, the challenge is multi-faceted: they need to upgrade their data platforms, but must also upgrade their universes and repoint their Web Intelligence reports to the new UNX universes.

In some cases, these conversion projects are deemed too time-consuming and labor-intensive to be performed manually, and these organizations need to find a way to automate the conversion and repointing efforts.

This webinar examines several use cases in which SAP BusinessObjects customers used APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence to convert their UNV universes and repoint their Web Intelligence reports.

We discuss:

  • Data platform support for SAP BusinessObjects
  • Simplified conversion of UNV universes to UNX universes
  • High-volume, high-speed, controlled repointing of Web Intelligence reports
  • Factors affecting your upgrade decisions

…and much more.

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Usage Analysis for SAP BusinessObjects - Flashes of Insight

Understanding system usage is key to BI system planning as well as day-to-day operational prioritization. APOS Insight establishes a deep and rich BI system metadata repository that allows you to analyze user activity, information consumption patterns, and license and session activity.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Report usage
  • User activity/License usage
  • Hardware/Server utilization

…and much more.

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Flexible SAP Analytics Cloud Broadcasting & Publishing for Countless Business Use Cases

APOS Publisher for Cloud provides the capabilitites you need to publish and broadcast the right information to the right people at the right time and in the right format.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • BEx Broadcast workflow replacement
  • Data driven SAC report bursting
  • Secure report distribution
  • Dynamic Flexibility
  • Reduced IT burden

…and much more.

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Flashes of Insight - SAP BusinessObjects Performance Analysis

This webinar discusses and demonstrates ways you can use APOS Insight to monitor, analyze and optimize SAP BusinessObjects performance. You will learn about:

  • Report and Query Performance
  • Report Schedule Monitoring
  • BI Environment Performance, including Server Infrastructure
  • BI System Performance including all SAP BusinessObjectsService KPIs
  • BI System Monitoring and System Health notifications

…and much more.

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Simplify Analytics for SAP Ariba - APOS Live Data Gateway

SAP Ariba, SAP’s Intelligent Spend Management solution integrates procurement from end to end, which makes it a rich data environment for analytics. This webinar will:

  • Review options for connecting to SAP Ariba from SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Consider key challenges related to Ariba connection options
  • Establish a live mode connection to Ariba data
  • Simplify Ariba data with a sharable, business-oriented, semantic layer

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Simplify SAP BusinessObjects Upgrade - Post-Migration Validation & Optimization

Once you have successfully upgraded your BI system, you need to focus on testing, validating, and optimizing your deployment. In this webinar, we discuss activities such as:

  • Validating data connectivity
  • Validating & optimizing security structures
  • Validating recurring schedules
  • Validating content
  • Performance analysis & stress testing

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Flashes of Insight - SAP BI Change Management

This session will look at APOS Insight, with its recently expanded capabilities, and specifically how it can help you manage changes within your system related to:

  • Report Structure Changes – track and validate report changes
  • BI Operating Environment Changes – track the impact of environmental change
  • BI System Security Changes –create a comprehensive security picture to manage security policy and structure change

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Simplify Your SAP BusinessObjects Upgrade - Migration Execution

We discuss activities to assist in efficient and effective migration execution, including:

  • Migrating content – moving reports, universes, users, groups & security settings
  • Simplifying & optimizing – excluding unused reports, combining similar reports, adjusting BI licensing, converting to UNX universes
  • Securing & protecting – setting folder security by user group, implementing a content backup & restore strategy
  • Creating validation projects – implement your test plan using

We will look at a number of APOS products that can help you achieve your upgrade execution effectively and efficiently.

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Simplify SAP BusinessObjects Upgrade - Pre-Migration Planning

This webinar looks at techniques you can employ during the pre-migration or upgrade planning stage to mitigate risk, and to simplify and automate your activities.

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