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APOS Publisher

A Complete SAP BusinessObjects Publishing Solution

APOS Publisher is a complete SAP BusinessObjects publishing solution for enterprises of all sizes.
It gives you in-depth knowledge and control over your publishing workflows and processes, enabling
high-volume and high-value document production and distribution. APOS Publisher takes BI publishing
beyond bursting, letting you extend the use and ROI of your BI platform and providing an alternative platform
for legacy publishing processes such as statement generation.

APOS Publisher

APOS Publisher Architecture
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APOS Publisher features:

  • High-volume scheduling interface
  • Robust bursting - document/statement bursting
  • Xcelsius bursting to multiple formats, including SWF, PNG, PDF XLSX
  • Document consolidation
  • Enhanced distribution using document metadata
  • CMS integration - integration with content management workflows

APOS Publisher automates many tasks, extending and enhancing SAP BusinessObjects' publishing capabilities.

The flexibility, agility, scalability, and extensibility of the APOS Publisher BI publishing solution allow it to grow with your publishing needs, and ensure you will continue to be able to deliver personalized reporting to your information consumers -- the right information to the right people at the right time.

SAP BusinessObjects Report Bursting

APOS Publisher enables the construction and seamless execution of complex bursting scenarios, serving "slices" of information to information consumers across the enterprise. A "slice" is a portion of data that conforms to specified permissions. Slices essentially group information by user functions, using system information to deliver data personalization. The entire publishing process is data-driven.

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SAP BusinessObjects Report Distribution

APOS Publisher's post-processing services create metadata for each document created during the bursting process and  send it with the distributed content, thus permitting smart integration with other applications.

This post-processing power appeals to customers with complex distribution requirements, including numerous destinations.

APOS Publisher can convert reports to multiple formats, zip them with passwords, and apply encryption to PDFs.

BI publishing is not just a means of delivering reports to information consumers. It is also a means of integrating BI information with other enterprise information technologies such as content management systems.

Your content management and BI systems don't have to be competitors. In many organizations, content management is more central to operational workflows than BI, but BI can provide a layer of in-depth and managerial information to those formal workflows.

One of the greatest benefits of content management is its thorough indexing of content, which gives the content management system an extremely powerful search capability. The BI system, on the other hand, can provide in-depth information to support numerous themes and workflows within the CMS.

APOS Publisher distributes document instances with additional metadata to integrate better with the CMS, and bridge the gap between these enterprise information solutions.

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SAP BusinessObjects Report Consolidation

APOS Publisher lets you build packages of reports for individual information consumers, so that they receive a single consolidated report, rather than a series of disconnected reports. This consolidation simplifies the management and use of reports by the information consumer. The packaged reports are often hyperlinked to each other for supplementary or drill-down information.

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SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office & APOS Publisher

Use APOS Publisher to execute tightly controlled Analysis for Office document production and distribution workflows.

Using the APOS Publisher Bursting Manager module, you can burst Analysis for Office documents to various users, either in native format, or exported to other formats. Create built-in recurring schedules using a wide variety of formats -- PDF, XPS, CSV, XLSX, XLS, HTML, MHTML, ODS (Open Doc Spreadsheet), XML, OXML (Open XML), TXT (tab delimited) -- or directly to print.

Progressive BI

Agility, flexibility, scalability, extensibility - all are qualities of APOS Publisher. It is these qualities that make APOS Publisher a complete BI publishing solution for SAP BusinessObjects, and a progressive well managed BI solution.

APOS Publisher is a progressive solution because it allows you to increase the ROI on your BI system by leveraging it for new line-of-business requirements, and by replacing legacy platforms and functions.

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