The APOS View Time Security (VTS) processing extension for SAP BusinessObjects uses an external entitlement database of business rules to apply row-level security to your Crystal Reports. It filters report content for the current user or group when that user, or any user in a specified group, views a report, schedules a report, or views a saved report instance.

Row level security rules facilitate powerful data filtering while minimizing database maintenance requirements.

You can also assign business rules by report name to apply the same row level security to a specific Crystal Report across all occurrences in all BusinessObjects folders, once again minimizing data maintenance requirements.

The APOS View Time Security processing extension provides eight methods by which you may filter data:

  • By Report ID & User
  • By Report ID & User Group
  • By Report Name & User
  • By Report Name & User Group
  • By Report Path and User
  • By Report Path and User Group
  • By Dynamic Path and User
  • Dynamic Path and User Group

The APOS View Time Security processing extension eliminates the need for C++ or Visual Basic programming expertise, allowing you to focus on your business rules rather than software development.

View Time Security (VTS) Manager

The VTS Manager is a utility included with the APOS View Time Security solution that allows you to perform easy editing of the View Time Security entitlement database and bulk assignment and/or removal of processing extensions to multiple reports .