The UNX universe is an important innovation in BI 4. If you have a large number of existing Web Intelligence objects, then taking advantage of this innovation could require a time-consuming and resource-intensive process to repoint them to your new UNX universes.

Scan your system for Web Intelligence reports, select them, specify the new UNX universe to use, and repoint the reports in bulk. Optionally convert the existing UNV universe to a new UNX universe and repoint the Web Intelligence reports to the new UNX universe in a single operation. You also have the option to replace the existing reports, rename the new reports, or move the new reports to a different folder.

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Re-Pointing Web Intelligence Reports from UNV to UNX in Bulk

Like other APOS Migration Accelerator products, the APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence allows migration planners and administrators to automate time-intensive and labor-intensive migration tasks, removing uncertainties from the migration planning process, and liberating resources to tackle higher-ROI tasks.

The APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence lets you repoint Web Intelligence reports from UNV universes to UNX universes in bulk. You can update existing reports or create a new copy in a location and naming convention you specify.

If you so choose, the APOS Migrator lets you convert a UNV universe to a UNX universe and repoint Web Intelligence reports to the new UNX universe in a single, two-phase operation. The APOS Migrator logs the conversion process and any issues that arise.

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Field Mapping between Universes

The APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence provides two means of mapping a source universe to a target universe. You can specify a mapping strategy, or you can create a custom mapping project to assist in UNV to UNX, UNV to UNV, and UNX to UNX repointing.

A mapping strategy allows you to specify whether fields in the source universe must be exact matches or just similar to the fields in the target universe, and allows you to select and prioritize preconfigured mapping strategies.

You can develop a custom mapping project that identifies and maps fields that have changed between the source and the target. You can then save the mapping project and use it with other universe conversion projects.

You can specify both a mapping strategy and a mapping project in your conversion project. If you do so, the specifications in the mapping project take precedence over the mapping strategy.


The APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence lets you:

  • Scan your system for Web Intelligence reports using the criteria you specify
  • Specify UNX to connect Web Intelligence reports to
  • Specify whether to write the new connection information to the existing report, or create a new report in a specified location
  • Convert UNV to UNX and repoint Web Intelligence reports to the new UNX in a single, two-phase operation
  • Change universe settings on Web Intelligence reports in bulk
  • Export Universe properties
  • Manage data connections


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