APOS well managed BI solutions complement SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office (SAP Analysis Office), with improved scheduling, distribution, content management, and administrative capabilities.

SAP Analysis Office provides easy access for data analysts and other BI users to SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse (BW) and HANA via the familiar and flexible Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint interfaces. BW and HANA data access means Analysis for Office lets you:

  • Analyze large data sets to uncover deep business insights
  • Discover, compare, and forecast business drivers in Excel
  • Share discoveries by embedding data analytics into PowerPoint presentations
  • Boost analyst efficiency with content reuse and real-time query responses
  • Speed data analysis with in-memory computing technology

SAP Analysis Office is designed to let you run ad-hoc analysis of OLAP sources in Excel, to connect seamlessly with SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA and power real-time analytics, and to embed you findings into live PowerPoint presentations for sharing.

APOS solutions provide a wide range of capabilities to support Analysis for Office users from data analysts to IT use and maintenance, particularly with regard to:

  • Individual scheduling
  • Enterprise Scheduling
  • Management and administration
  • Analysis Office as a Data Source

SAP Analysis Office Scheduling - Individual & Enterprise

Even when you are scheduling for yourself or your team, you may be repeating the same scheduling operation over and over. For example, suppose you meet regularly with your team to discuss a set of KPIs. You might schedule the same report before each such meeting to ensure you are discussing the most current information.

You may think of Analysis Office as primarily a tool for ad-hoc analysis, but it's very seldom that we do such analysis without wanting or needing to share it with our team, or with a much more diverse group. In conversations with many of our customers who are using Analysis for Office, we have discovered that scheduling is high on their list of challenges.
Scheduling is a broad topic encompassing topics such as:

  • Scheduling for personal use
  • Scheduling for team use
  • Repeated, recurring scheduling
  • Scheduling for large, diverse groups
  • Scheduling for external stakeholders
  • Scheduling to different formats and destination types

As your scheduling and distribution requirements become more complex and the volume of reports grows, so too will your need for more and more comprehensive scheduling and distribution capabilities. The APOS Administrator and APOS Publisher solutions have been designed to provide these capabilities.

Learn more about Analysis Office Scheduling & Distribution.

Analysis Office Managment & Administration

The more usable Analysis Office becomes, the greater its adoption rate, and the more it will be used to meet diverse reporting requirements. Once you have achieved easy-to-use, flexible, scalable and reusable scheduling, Analysis for Office becomes an instrument of mass distribution.

This substantial achievement leads to some new challenges: volume and complexity. These new challenges lead to new requirements. You will need to find ways to streamline the management and administration of the Analysis Office environment and its content. These challenges include:

  • Bulk instance management
  • Document archive and backup
  • Document impact analysis
  • Automated testing/validation of Analysis Office documents

The APOS Administrator, APOS Storage Center, and APOS Insight solutions have been designed to meet these needs.

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SAP Analysis Office, the SAP Convergence Strategy, and APOS Well Managed BI Solutions

The SAP convergence strategy puts AO at the centre of Office Integration, so strengthening your AO capabilities is a safe investment that will continue to provide substantial returns. The continuting rapid adoption of Analysis Office means that many organizations are looking for ways to support their analysts and BI users to develop more efficient workflows.

APOS solutions provide useful methods and interfaces for some of the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks Analysis Office users face, such as scheduling with multiple parameters. Data analysts who value the familiar interface and ease of use of SAP Analysis Office will also appreciate the expanded capabilities delivered by APOS solutions, and the simplifying and streamlining effects these capabilities will have on their analysis and reporting workflows.

APOS well managed BI solutions complement SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office (SAP Analysis Office), with improved scheduling, distribution and content management capabilities.:

  • Do you need flexible, bulk scheduling capabilities?
    See how APOS Administrator can help.
  • Do you need bursting capabilities to deliver reports to diverse destinations in different formats?
    See how APOS Publisher can help.
  • Do you need to implement a comprehensive content storage and management strategy?
    See how APOS Storage Center can help.
  • Do you need to perform impact analysis for your Analysis Office activities?
    See how APOS Insight can help you inventory all of your Analysis Office documents and instances and extract the structure of analysis for Office documents to a database for comprehensive impact analysis.