APOS provides software products which deliver enhanced capabilities and strong agility in the management and administration of SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics  Cloud platforms, across the SAP solution landscape, and beyond. APOS well managed BI, well managed analytics, and hybrid BI and analytics products improve return on investment and time to value for our global base of customers.

APOS products help you manage and extend your SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Analytics Cloud and Hybrid deployments, letting you run smart, strong and simple. These products bring automation to administration, report testing, system auditing and monitoring, storage and recovery, and content publishing and distribution.

APOS data connectivity technology provides expanded live data connections options for SAP Analytics Cloud, and across the SAP solution landscape. APOS data modelling technology creates a unified semantic layer allowing your enterprise stack to consume data from a wide variety of cloud-based, OLAP, relational, and application data sources.

About APOS Systems

APOS History


Formed in 1992, APOS got involved in reporting and business intelligence in mid '90s. APOS delivered consulting services only for the first few years of our official partnerships with Crystal Services/Seagate Software/Crystal Decisions.

Product Development

During our consulting engagements we recognized consistent requirements across our customer base related to management and administration of their Seagate Info/Crystal Enterprise deployments. In 1999 we began development, sale and support of packaged software products to the Seagate Info/Crystal Enterprise community.

Development expanded into a broader range of products to meet growing needs of the Crystal Enterprise user community, and received strong adoption there. We evolved our solutions further when Crystal Decisions was purchased by Business Objects, and continued to grow adoption of the APOS BI Tools.

SAP Partner

Expansion of our suite of products and customer base continued further when SAP purchased Business Objects, which opened up an even broader user community for APOS products for SAP BusinessObjects. APOS products for SAP BusinessObjects continue to be adopted and utilized by hundreds of organizations globally.

As SAP opened up its most recent BI platform, SAP Analytics Cloud, APOS was fast in expanding their product offerings to meet needs for the new cloud-based analytics. This expansion has included new work in the area of strategic live data connectivity technologies.

APOS continues to innovate and grow to meet our customers’ needs.

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