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APOS BI Upgrade "Freemium" Offer

The new SAP Analytics Business Intelligence Statement of Direction (SOD), released in July, 2022, extends support timelines for on-premise SAP BusinessObjects, meaning your organization can continue to derive business intelligence value for their users for the foreseeable future. However, the new SAP BusinessObjects BI 2025 offering does not support UNV universes, so moving forward with on-premise SAP BusinessObjects may require a significant effort to convert UNV universes to UNX, and also to repoint Web Intelligence reports to the new UNX universes.

The APOS BI Upgrade Freemium offer bundles APOS technology that can streamline the universe conversion and report repointing process. It inventories your universes and the reports pointing to them and leverages our UNX Universe adoption technology for targeted Universes and Web Intelligence reports, helping you speed your transition to UNX universes and take advantage of the SAP BusinessObjects value that lies ahead. Click here for full details


APOS has been serving the SAP BusinessObjects user community for 20 years, providing solutions for automating key functions in managing an SAP BI platform.

Whether you are upgrading your on-premise BI in preparation for SAP BI 2025, moving to SAP BusinessObjects Private Cloud Edition, or migrating to SAP Analytics Cloud, migrations can be challenging, putting strains on resources, so streamlining and automating processes is needed. APOS solutions simplify and automate many key processes in a successful SAP BusinessObjects migration.

APOS Migration Kit

SAP BusinessObjects Migration Kit

Upgrade Readiness, Execution & Content Governance

Achieve a streamlined, efficient and effective deployment that is upgrade ready. APOS solutions help you run bulk upgrade operations, validate content, optimize security, and maintain your BI environment.


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APOS PCe Adoption Kit

SAP BusinessObjects Private Cloud Edition (PCE) Adoption Kit

Streamline, simplify, safeguard, and accelerate your move to SAP BusinessObjects Private Cloud Edition (PCE)

The PCE Adoption Kit by APOS bundles time-tested APOS technology to simplify migration from on-premise to the Cloud, providing vital automation to assist you through the stages of your migration.


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Migration solutions include:

  • APOS Insight
    Provides comprehensive, actionable information for efficient BI operations, including Auditing, Monitoring, Query Surveillance, and Report Testing. APOS Insight allows you to develop the deep knowledge you need to upgrade with confidence. Inventory content, structure and usage patterns, and validate content. Learn more
  • APOS Storage Center
    Lets you control risk, increase performance, and manage the content lifecycle. Automated Cleanup can simplify user document searches, improve system performance, and prepare your system for migration and upgrades. Learn more
  • APOS Administrator
    Liberates your resources with automation, agility, and high-volume administration capabilities. Automate and simplify object, instance, and schedule management. Learn more
  • APOS Web Intelligence Migrator
    Bulk convert universes from UNV to UNX and repoint Web Intelligence reports with a controlled, project-based platform. Learn more


calculate project estimateEstimate the Scope of Your Migration

The UNX Adoption Project Cost Estimator shows you how much time and money will be required to convert your universes and migrate your Web Intelligence reports manually. Use this information to determine whether the automation of this process is right for your organization.

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