APOS has been serving the SAP BusinessObjects user community for 20 years, providing solutions for automating key functions in managing an SAP BI platform.

Migrations can be challenging, putting strains on resources, so streamlining and automating processes is needed. APOS solutions simplify and automate many key processes in a successful SAP BusinessObjects migration. Migration-relevant solutions include:

  • APOS Insight
  • APOS Storage Center
  • APOS Administrator
  • APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence



APOS Insight

APOS Insight - BI System Auditing Module

APOS Insight provides a complete snapshot of what is happening at any given time within your system, meaning that you can analyze system structure, system security, system content, and system usage and bottlenecks over time as a preliminary step in planning your new implementation. You can:

  • Inventory and catalog your existing reports to know where your reports and instances are, and which reports are in use, by whom and how frequently.
  • Document your reports to know their composition and data connections.
  • Populate a database with point-in-time snapshots of system status.
  • Extract benchmark information about your system before the migration, then after the migration, and compare them.
  • Run comparison reports/queries of what has changed.
  • See where reports have moved to in the new deployment.
  • Map IDs in one system to IDs in the other.
  • Compare the security structures between the two environments to ensure groups are in place, users are in groups and all are properly permissioned, thus eliminating security holes.

Once you have deployed the new version of SAP BusinessObjects, APOS Insight continues to provide high value with enhanced metadata management, audit, and monitoring capabilities.

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APOS Insight - BI Report Testing Module

APOS Insight - BI Report Testing Module (Validation Manager)

Migrating to a new version or adopting a new service pack of SAP BusinessObjects requires labor- and time-intensive report testing, and this process is especially important when the reports you are testing are part of your governance and compliance regimen. There is no room for error when reports function as internal controls for financial regulatory compliance. Automating the testing process allows you to increase the accuracy of your testing by expanding the scope of your testing without drastically increasing the number of resources require, and accomplishing the necessary testing in a shorter period of time.

APOS Validation Manager provides automated report testing for:

  • SAP Web Intelligence
  • Analysis for Office
  • Crystal Reports
  • Crystal Reports for Enterprise

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APOS Storage Center

APOS Storage Center

APOS Storage Center simplifies the process of backing up objects, including instances, from a source system and restoring them to a target system. Use APOS Storage Center to implement a proactive system storage strategy and you will greatly simplify the entire migration process, because you will only have to migrate necessary system content. You can archive content not seen as essential. Should some of that archived content be needed, Storage Center gives you the ability to restore it selectively, to its original location or to any other location you specify.

APOS Storage Center is a dedicated SAP BusinessObjects document lifecycle management solution. It is designed to ensure the integrity of your documents, safeguard data privacy, and support regulatory compliance. It should be a key element in your disaster recovery plan — before, during and after migration.

APOS Storage Center helps you:

  • Mitigate risk by safeguarding objects, document instances, and instance integrity for audit and compliance purposes.
  • Migrate document instances from one deployment of SAP BusinessObjects to another; perform partial or complete migration.
  • Extract and export objects and document instances to other formats such as PDF.
  • Implement an intelligent means to purge Web Intelligence reports while retaining retrievable versions.
  • Manage disc space carefully.

Storage Center's extract and export features maintain document of record integrity for the migration process. The ability to export to other formats is crucial, because changes in the environment can make it impossible to restore the original document instance. Storage Center allowed administrators to restore the original, the exported version, or both.

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APOS Administrator

APOS Administrator

APOS Administrator automates and simplifies object, instance, and schedule management. During migration, reports are typically relocated. Use APOS Administrator to save, import, batch modify, and export schedules.

Use Administrator’s agile object promotion capabilities to promote objects between environments, and its bulk management of objects, schedules, instances & security to replicate structures between environments, and speed environment preparation.

You can:

  • Adapt the migrated source system to the new environment using bulk operations on a large number of system objects (reports, folders, users, security, settings, etc.).
  • Import schedules from the legacy system, then map and export them to the new system.
  • Control security to the various objects.
  • Perform common maintenance of Users and Groups, simplifying the onerous task of setting advanced security rights.
  • Analyze an entire report instance environment at once.
  • Apply actions to instances in bulk.
  • Establish control over migrated instances/schedules.
  • Modify recurring schedules.
  • Manage scheduling crises quickly and efficiently.
  • Manage objects in bulk.
  • Perform sophisticated deployment of reports and documents to the system.
  • Promote objects from development/testing to production efficiently and in compliance with data security and privacy requirements.

APOS Administrator provides administrative capabilities that simplify, complement and enhance SAP BusinessObjects object and document instance management and scheduling features. In the hands of platform managers, BI technicians and other power users., APOS Administrator allows you to makes SAP BusinessObjects more responsive to enterprise information needs.

APOS Administrator saves valuable administrative time through automation and task streamlining, reducing human error, and providing the agility and flexibility to meet the changing needs of information consumers. Whether you're managing or re-engineering business processes, establishing crisis management or disaster recovery procedures, or preparing for migration to a newer version of SAP BusinessObjects, APOS Administrator creates value through operational efficiencies, establishing trust through reliability.

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APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence

APOS Administrator - Migrator for Web Intelligence Module

The UNX universe is an important innovation which was first released in BI 4. If you have a large number of existing Web Intelligence objects, then taking advantage of this innovation could require a time-consuming and resource-intensive process to successfully repoint them to your new UNX universes.

The APOS Migrator for SAP Web Intelligence provides a controlled, project-based platform for bulk converting universes from UNV to UNX and repointing Web Intelligence reports. It lets you:

  • Bulk convert existing UNV universes to UNX format
  • Scan your system for targeted Web Intelligence reports and select them
  • Repoint Web Intelligence reports in bulk
  • Optionally replace existing reports, rename the new reports, or move the new reports to a different folder
  • Export universe properties
  • Manage data connections
  • Automate bulk testing to ensure successful and accurate migration process

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