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APOS Publisher for Cloud

Burst SAP Analytics Cloud Stories

APOS Publisher for SAP Analytics Cloud automates processes for bursting personalized SAP Analytics Cloud stories to end users. Dynamic, security driven processes with strict filters provide SAP Analytics broadcasting capabilities and help administrators ensure users receive only the data to which they are entitled.


APOS Publisher for SAP Analytics Cloud does not reside in the Cloud. Rather, it is a distributed solution that accesses SAP Analytics Cloud from behind your corporate firewall. It constitutes a distributed scheduling system for SAP Analytics Cloud.

APOS Publisher for SAC is an on-premise solution that allows you to log in to the SAP Analytics Cloud deployment and perform bursting, scheduling, and export operations. Using APOS Publisher for Cloud keeps the data behind the firewall and enables the solution to access both on-premise live data and acquired data in the cloud.

Solution Architecture

APOS Publisher for Cloud

APOS Publisher for Cloud Architecture
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Why You Need APOS Publisher for Cloud

APOS Publisher for Cloud allows you to communicate your SAP Analytics Cloud stories securely, effectively and efficiently.

  • Send your SAP Analytics Cloud stories to multiple destination types, including:
    • Email
    • Secure FTP (FTPS)
    • File Location
    • Print
    • Rich Text (RTF)
    • Word (DOCX)
    • Word 97-2003 (DOC)
    • Excel (XLSX)
  • Distribute your SAP Analytics Cloud stories using multiple formats per record, including:
    • PDF
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Image in Email
  • Secure Bursting as an alternative to the online experience of SAP Analytics Cloud.
    For SAP Analytics Cloud platform managers and administrators, bursting provides a means of serving information to casual users without having to define security within SAP Analytics Cloud for those users. APOS Publisher provides targeted bursting, filtering the data in stories to support the needs of these casual users, as well as to support your security requirements.
  • Scheduling & Export operations
    Use APOS Publisher for Cloud to automate scheduling and export operations, so you can send SAP Analytics Cloud stories to a variety of destinations in a variety of formats.

What You Can Do with APOS Publisher for Cloud

  • Flexible Distribution & Content Export
    APOS Publisher allows users to export stories from SAP Analytics Cloud.  Because you can use Bursting Manager to burst stories in a neutral format such as PDF, you can use your stories to create static snapshots -- pictures of your data at points in time -- which serve as documents of record. Use Bursting Manager to create and manage document lifecycles.
  • Multi-Filter Story Bursting
    Use the same page within an SAP Analytics Cloud story multiple times with different filters to personalize content for users and groups.
  • Story Collation
    Burst pages from multiple stories as a single document.
  • Multi Option Distribution
    Send to multiple destinations simultaneously.
  • Email Embedded Image Distribution
    Embed images of pages from your story into the body of email messages.
  • Customized HTML Email Bursting
    Full control of email message formatting, including dynamically generated links.
  • Secure Distribution
    Use encryption and password protection on PDF & Office documents.
  • Data Extraction to Excel
    Support for downloading large tables/grids to Excel.
  • Personalized PowerPoint Bursting
    Use custom templates for bursting PowerPoint presentations


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