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APOS Storage Center

Backup, Archive, Selective Restore & Versioning

APOS Storage Center automates the archive and restore functions in your SAP BusinessObjects deployment, helping you to manage the document lifecycle, safeguard data privacy, and achieve regulatory compliance. It features automatic backup, partial restoration of selected documents, and versioning.

APOS Storage Center lets you balance challenges of system performance, user navigation, audit requirements, storage space resources, and reduction of technical debt. APOS Storage Center should be a key ingredient in any SAP BI disaster recovery plan.

APOS Storage Center is your electronic vault for SAP BusinessObjects report objects and document instances. Its backup, archive and selective restore capabilities make it invaluable to organizations concerned with the integrity of their document instances. The proactive use of Storage Center is a preventive BI best practice for the prevention of problems and the timely resolution of issues.

APOS Storage Center

APOS Storage Center Architecture
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Why You Need APOS Storage Center

APOS Storage Center forms the foundation for a proactive system content storage strategy by enabling your BI team to:

  • Back up objects with versioning
    Versioning lets you recover not only from unwanted deletions but also from unwanted changes to objects. The ability to roll back to previous versions enforces business continuity by simplifying recovery from content deletions and disaster scenarios.
  • Preserve documents for long-term availability, information governance
    APOS Storage Center can save documents in neutral formats for long-term storage, and make them readily available through selective restore.
  • Automate system content cleanup with business-rules-driven, intelligent system purge
    APOS Storage Center's automated cleanup capabilities simplify user document searches, support information governance, and improve system performance.
  • Promotion / system replication, simplified management workflows
    Promote objects and folders between systems and manage multiple deployments to support development, testing, migration and multi-tenancy scenarios.
  • Improve system governance
    Establish and maintain control over system assets to improve performance and better support all BI stakeholders
  • Improve information governance
    Establish and maintain control over system content to meet corporate governance and regulatory standards for information availability.
  • Streamline platform migrations and upgrades
    Archive content that does not need to be migrated; back up content from the source deployment and restore it to the target deployment; migrate content as needed.

SSA Santa Clara County\

A couple years ago… someone on the reporting team accidentally deleted a critical report folder… It’s hard to quantify how much time was lost, but it’s easy to see that the APOS Storage Center solution would very quickly pay for itself in dealing with scenarios such as this.

Jordan Deschene, System Administrator, Allina Health

SSA Santa Clara County

What You Can Do with APOS Storage Center

You can implement a proactive system content storage strategy using:

  • System Content Backup & Instance Archive
    Comprehensive, rules-based system content backup and online/offline instance archiving.
  • Selective Restore
    Restore your BI documents, in both native format, and in neutral formats, to both their original locations and to locations of your choice. A far more flexible alternative to the SAP BusinessObjects Recycle Bin.
  • Report Versioning
    Back up report versions, ensuring reporting continuity; retrieve to replace accidentally changed or deleted reports.
  • Report Promotion & System Replication
    Manage object and system lifecycles efficiently and effectively.
  • Automated System Cleanup
    Purge objects based on creation or last modified dates, and specify a number of days after which the object is to be purged.

APOS Storage Center provides system backup, system archive, selective restore, report versioning, promotion and system replication capabilities for SAP BusinessObjects, automating the key requirements for a proactive system storage strategy. Manage the document lifecycle through rules-based backup, archive, versioning and selective restore functionality.


SSA Santa Clara County\

We are using APOS Storage Center to archive and backup objects. It is so simple to use and… improv[es] system performance… We are planning to use other… APOS services for Audit and Maintenance to simplify the entire support process.

Nagu Kanamarlapudi, SAP BusinessObjects Onsite Lead, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC

SSA Santa Clara County


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