The APOS suite of "well managed BI" solutions provides an integrated approach to BI platform management for SAP BusinessObjects. Whether you have SAP BusinessObjects deployed on premise, or have SAP BusinessObjects Private Cloud Edition, APOS solutions are built to automate, simplify, complement, enhance and extend the capabilities of your BI system.

You implement BI to optimize your business processes. You implement these APOS solutions to optimize your BI processes.

APOS PCE Adoption Kit

SAP BusinessObjects PCE Adoption Kit

Streamline, simplify, safeguard, and accelerate your move to SAP BusinessObjects Private Cloud Edition (PCE)

The SAP BusinessObjects PCE Adoption Kit by APOS includes time-tested APOS technology from multiple stand-alone products that our customers use to migrate and manage SAP BusinessObjects. These technologies have been adapted to give your migration and administration teams the tools they need for a simplified, accelerated migration to SAP BusinessObjects Private Cloud Edition.

PCE Migration: Preparation

Build the foundation for a successful migration

PCE Migration: Execution

Augment SAP tools for granular controls & focused needs in PCE system

PCE Content: Validation

Confidence and assurance that the migration has been successful

PCE Deployment: Operations

Strengthen controls and reduce costs for PCE system


APOS Administrator

APOS Administrator

Agile High-Performance SAP BI Administration for SAP BusinessObjects

Liberate your resources with automation, agility, and high-volume administration capabilities

APOS Administrator provides bulk administration capabilities that simplify, complement and enhance the security management, object management, document instance management, and scheduling features of SAP BusinessObjects. It saves valuable administrative time through automation and task streamlining, reducing human error, and providing the agility and flexibility to meet the changing needs of information consumers.

Object Management

  • Bulk Security Management
  • Bulk Settings Management
  • System Objects Promotion
  • Connections Maintenance

Schedule Management

  • High-volume schedule management
  • Multiple schedule properties editing
  • Grid scheduling interface
  • Repeatable scheduling templates

Instance Management

  • Manage entire instance inventory
  • Granular instance search
  • Stop, pause, release, reschedule
  • Rapid recovery to failed schedules

Web Intelligence Migration

  • Bulk conversion of Universes from UNV to UNX
  • High-Volume Repoint Web Intelligence reports
  • Success validation
  • Controlled, project-based workflow


APOS Insight

APOS Insight

Deep system knowledge for effective system management

Comprehensive, actionable information for efficient BI operations: Auditing, Monitoring, Query Surveillance and Report Testing

APOS Insight is a comprehensive solution that gives you the knowledge you need for effective and efficient SAP BI system management, including detailed system metadata for thorough system auditing, system monitoring, query surveillance, and BI report testing. It provides the means to maintain the integrity, efficiency and security of your SAP BusinessObjects environment and infrastructure. APOS Insight is comprised of four key modules:

BI System Auditing

  • System Inventory
  • Security Analysis
  • System Usage Analysis
  • Report Impact Analysis

BI System Monitoring

  • Advanced System Monitoring
  • Operating Environment Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring
  • Process Monitoring

BI Query Surveillance

  • Real-time BI Query Monitoring
  • Query Performance Alerting & Auditing
  • Query Intervention; Remote Cancelling
  • Sensitive Data Audit

BI Report Testing

  • Automated Report Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Validation of Report Data
  • Report Performance Testing


APOS Storage Center

APOS Storage Center

Archive, Backup, Selective Restore & Intelligent Purge for SAP BusinessObjects

Control risk, increase performance, and manage content lifecycle

APOS Storage Center automates the archive and restore functions in your SAP BusinessObjects deployment, helping you to manage the document lifecycle, safeguard data privacy, and achieve regulatory compliance. It features automated and rules-based backup, archive, partial restoration of selected documents, automated system cleanup, versioning, promotion and system replication.

  • System Backup
  • Content Archiving
  • Content Versioning
  • Selective Restoration
  • Automated System Clean Up


APOS Publisher

APOS Publisher

A Complete SAP BusinessObjects Publishing Solution

Deliver personalized reporting to the right people, at the right time, in the right format

APOS Publisher gives you in-depth knowledge and control over your publishing workflows and processes, enabling high-volume and high-value document production and distribution. APOS Publisher takes BI publishing beyond bursting, letting you extend the use and ROI of your BI platform and providing an alternative platform for legacy publishing processes such as statement generation.

  • Systematic Content Delivery
  • Advanced Document Bursting
  • Enhanced Content Distribution
  • Security and Encryption
  • Statement Generation