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APOS Insight

System Metrics, Performance Analytics,
System Planning

The APOS Insight solution provides the capabilities you need to maintain the integrity of your SAP
BusinessObjects environment and infrastructure. These capabilities enable:

  • System structure analysis
  • System performance analytics
  • System planning
  • Deep system introspection
  • Live access to CMS data tables

Use APOS Insight to optimize your SAP BI environment and infrastructure, establish complete confidence in your content, enable industry-specific regulatory compliance, and to deliver well managed BI to your organization.

Because APOS Insight tracks SAP BusinessObjects from outside the system, using both statistical and functional server analysis, you can count on it to provide a consistent, reliable, and deep view of your system's health.

APOS Insight's enhanced metadata management, predictive system analytics and failure prevention, and threshold-based alerts help you to streamline administrative and management processes and to sustain infrastructure and content reliability. Achieve deep system visibility, superior system tuning and optimization, and maximum availability with APOS Insight.

APOS Insight

APOS Insight Architecture
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System Structure Analysis

Is your SAP BusinessObjects system's structure optimal? Is it ready to meet new line-of-business challenges? Before you can optimize your system's performance, develop new line-of-business applications, or migrate to a newer version, you need a full understanding of what you have and how the system is used.

APOS Insight helps with:

  • Complete inventory of system objects, instances, schedules, users
  • Enhanced usage and activity analysis
  • System metadata and structure analysis
  • Enriched, integrated reporting with BO Audit data
  • Enhanced security auditing

System Performance Analytics

APOS Insight gives you detailed snapshots of your system's processes, which you can use analyze and tune performance.

APOS Insight helps with:

  • Usage trend/pattern analysis
  • Identification of inefficiencies & bottlenecks
  • Process & service performance tracking
  • Instance schedule failure tracking and alerts

System Planning

Your organization doesn't stand still. Neither can your business intelligence system. Use APOS Insight to plan for growth and prepare for migration.

APOS Insight helps with:

  • "What-if" impact analysis
  • Content structure and usage analysis
  • Report design analysis
  • Universe structure and connectivity analysis
  • Pre-migration planning
  • Post-migration auditing and validation

Deep System Introspection

APOS Insight provides deep system introspection for SAP BusinessObjects through:

  • Enhanced audit and metadata management
    Insight runs a set of services in parallel to deliver a snapshot, or slice in time, of your system, enabling you to analyze components comparatively over time.
  • Proactive system tracking and alerts
    Insight uses statistics and functionality tests specific to SAP BusinessObjects to verify that services are not only running, but running according to specifications. You can extract metadata about your system's operational activities for offline analysis, and analyze historical data to anticipate future needs.
  • Blanket instance monitoring
    Use Insight to develop a detailed configuration strategy for a blanket monitoring and notification system. In such a strategy, someone in IT is notified of instance failure on a report-by report basis, but an administrator also receives a digest of failed instances.

APOS Insight helps administrators and platform managers manage proactively and react quickly to events and issues that threaten the quality and timeliness of SAP BusinessObjects system performance.

Live Access to CMS Data Tables

The APOS BI Metadata Driver, a JDBC driver which enables direct data connectivity to the the SAP BI CMS database, is included as part of APOS Insight. It provides live access to the following CMS data tables:

  • InfoObjects
  • SystemObjects
  • AppObjects

Live access to CMS data allows you to create reports and dashboards in SAP BI to present up-to-the-moment CMS data. The APOS BI Metadata Driver allows your BI administration team to share information, using group-level security, that would normally only be available to administrators. Building a dashboard to access this live CMS data will provide a live snapshot of system activity and health.

Implemented as a component of APOS Insight, the APOS BI Metadata Driver complements Insight's services to provide a complete view of your BI system, enabling deep system analysis and impact analysis.

The APOS BI Metadata Driver is also available as a standalone application.

Website Auditor

The APOS Insight Website Auditor resides on your web application server and audits web application server sessions and SAP BusinessObjects sessions. The Website Auditor captures a wealth of information about these sessions, including the parameters used in each transaction, URLs, cookies, header information, posting information, and SAP BusinessObjects login details. It captures far more than the web application server's native audit log and writes it to a database table, which can then be used to populate dashboards and reports for a near real-time view of web application server activity.

The Website Auditor captures the granular activities on your web application server, but also provides a high-level view of the server — what is trending, which reports and pages receive the most visits, when usage peaks, bottlenecks, which user groups use the most web application server resources, and more.

This feature is equally valuable for both operational and governance issues. The granular detail captured by the Website Auditor makes it extremely useful for organizations in heavily regulated industries in which access to sensitive data must be tracked for governance and compliance purposes.

Xcelsius Activity Logging

Organizations that want to be proactive in their development and evolution of dashboards need more information than can be garnered from native Xcelsius logging. APOS Insight lets you ask much more specific questions about how your dashboards are being used. The APOS Insight Xcelsius Activity Logging feature uses an add-on in Microsoft Excel to configure real-time logging of Xcelsius user activity to the Insight database.

To configure logging, you bind the APOS logging control to cells in the spreadsheet. For example, if you want to know which tabs dashboard users are viewing or not viewing, you could bind the APOS Xcelsius Logging control to the Visibility table. Using this and similar types of information for a group of users, developers, administrators and managers can judge how a dashboard is being used, and thus how effective the design of the dashboard is.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office & APOS Insight

Use APOS Insight to inventory all of your Analysis for Office documents and instances automatically. Using APOS Insight, you can extract the structure of Analysis for Office documents into a database for impact analysis.

Off-Line Historical Activity Analysis

When you set up APOS Insight you specify a Scanning Mode. The options for Scanning Mode are:

  • History Mode - Insight scans for new and changed object, and records the history of changes for all objects
  • Hybrid Mode - Insight scans for new and changed objects, but does not keep a history of those changes
  • Full Batch Mode - Insight queries each object on each scan

History Mode records information about transactions against, and the occurrence of changes to, SAP BI objects, including:

  • Reports
  • Universes
  • Security
  • Analysis for Office

History Mode is the default mode. History Mode queries the system for new and changed objects, and records the history of changes to an object. Using History Mode, you can identify when changes have been made to objects in your BI system, providing support for your change management processes, and reinforcing corporate governance objectives.

Achieving Preventive BI with APOS Insight

Insight's monitoring and auditing capabilities provide a "slice in time" or snapshot view of what is happening in your system, showing you not just which reports have run, but the parameters used to run them. You see all the valuable information you need to safeguard the integrity of your BI system through preventive actions.

APOS Insight gives you the functionality you need for deep SAP BusinessObjects system introspection so that you can achieve preventive BI today and plan progressively for tomorrow.


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