APOS Insight gives you detailed system metadata & monitoring — the knowledge you need for effective SAP BI system management. It provides the means to maintain the integrity and efficiency of your SAP BusinessObjects environment and infrastructure.

Metadata management, analysis, and system monitoring are critical to maintaining the reliability, accuracy, and governance of your SAP BI deployment, as well as the confidence of your information consumers.

Critically, Insight monitors your SAP BI services from outside, ensuring that monitoring is not compromised by problems within the BI system itself.


ProMedica Success Story with APOS

ProMedica overcame their Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems upgrade challenges with APOS Insight impact analysis - Read more


Why You Need APOS Insight

Metadata management and monitoring help you ensure efficient operations and information governance:

  • Manage system growth and reduce technical debt
    Gain a full understanding of report usage, reduce the number of reports you need to support, and reduce the resource time required to maintain reports through automated report catalog and report documentation generation.
  • Optimize security structure and manage organizational change
    Audit your security structure to meet corporate governance standards and protect sensitive information.
  • Monitor and audit user activity for better compliance and governance
    Gain granular visibility into the activity of users with real time web application server monitoring and historical activity auditing.
  • Optimize license usage and planning
    Analyze system usage to discover the number of connections during peak usage, who the most active users are, patterns of usage over time, and how usage is evolving.
  • Optimize system resources
    Analyze system usage for more timely task execution and use external functional system monitoring and analysis of audit information for anomalies to improve response time and comply with service level agreements.
  • Strengthen change management processes and workflows
    Analyze detailed audit information to support change management controls and documentation. Use impact analysis to improve system governance, achieve financial report / internal control compliance, and accelerate EHR upgrades.
  • Simplify content migration
    Automate report cataloging, documentation generation, and system utilization analysis for migration planning and streamlining your migration.
  • Manage multi-tenancy more efficiently
    Use metadata analysis to better manage system resources, audit report usage by entity and manage chargebacks more effectively.
  • Real-time system management
    Leverage precise and immediate information and alerts enabling prompt resolutions and improved system stability.
Santa Clara Success Story with APOS Insight and APOS Storage Center

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What You Can Do with APOS Insight

You can gain deep knowledge of your SAP BI system through:


Boston Properties bpx Success Story with APOS Insight

Boston Properties eliminated labor-intensive audits and rebaselining of key control reports - Read more


APOS Insight Architecture

APOS Insight

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System Metrics, Performance Analytics, System Planning

APOS Insight provides enhanced metadata management, system monitoring, and timely alerts to help you meet the business intelligence needs of stakeholders across the organization. Insight's system monitoring provides both statistical and functional analysis of all SAP BI services, issuing threshold-driven alerts, and initiating automated remedial activities.

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