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APOS Administrator

Agile BI Platform Management for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Administrator enables agile BI platform management for SAP BusinessObjects by simplifying
and automating administration and management tasks. Administrator liberates your staff from labor-intensive,
repetitive, and error-prone activities related to reports, universes, users, security, schedules, instances,
and more.

Whether you're managing or re-engineering business processes, establishing crisis management or
disaster recovery procedures, or preparing for migration to a newer version of SAP BusinessObjects,
APOS Administrator creates value through operational efficiencies.

Bulk Security Management for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Administrator provides a high-volume security management alternative for SAP BusinessObjects. APOS Administrator's numerous selection criteria simplify the process of searching for and selecting folders for security management. You can search folders by name, location, object ID number, create date, modified data, and predefined data ranges.

APOS Administrator gives you centralized, bulk management of:

  • User preferences
  • Security
  • Users
  • User groups
  • Limits
  • SAP BusinessObjects application security

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Object Management for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Administrator provides robust SAP BusinessObjects object management capabilities in a full-client application, enabling rapid, high-volume object maintenance, management, and promotion.

APOS Administrator

APOS Administrator Architecture
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Use APOS Administrator to:

  • Automate labor-intensive administrative tasks to liberate resources
  • See and manage your entire object environment
  • Work with high-volumes of objects simultaneously
  • Manage users, groups and preferences
  • Manage reports, universes, security
  • Structure and streamline object promotion with secure package scheduling and delivery

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Bulk Report Scheduling for SAP BusinessObjects

The APOS Administrator solution is an easy-to-use bulk scheduling and tracking application. Its BI report scheduling capabilities enable line-of-business power users to simplify and automate SAP BusinessObjects administration tasks. Use APOS Administrator to:

  • Create and execute report schedules in high-volume \
  • Create and edit multiple schedule properties at once
  • Update and repeat schedules with bulk schedule templates
  • Draw schedule properties and security from external data sources
  • APOS Administrator's agility and flexibility complement and extend the administrative functionality of SAP BusinessObjects.

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Instance Management for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Administrator enhances the administrator's SAP BusinessObjects instance management capabilities. It provides the ability to analyze the report instance environment as a whole.

Administrator's automation helps you manage instances more efficiently, reduce human error, save time, and avoid crises. You can manage proactively to meet service level and regulatory requirements. Use APOS Administrator to:

  • See and manage your entire instance inventory
  • Work with multiple instances simultaneously
  • Perform granular search by properties (status, owner, Report ID)
  • Stop, pause, release and reschedule high volumes of instances
  • Respond rapidly and in bulk to report failure scenarios

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Structured Content Promotion for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Administrator provides an alternative to LifeCycle Manager's content promotion methodology. Administrator's Promotion Server module lets you design and execute full-featured promotion packages while complying with the separation of environments and heavy security requirements mandated by SOX and other legislation.

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Administrative User Impersonation

You can use APOS Administrator and SAP BusinessObjects Trusted Authentication for administrative user impersonation, which lets you log in as specific user in BI Launchpad and view reports as that user. This feature is extremely useful for platform managers wishing to examine the implementation of an organization's security model right down to row level security, and for adminstrators providing user support.

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SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office & APOS Administrator

Use APOS Administrator to schedule and manage Analysis for Office instances in bulk and across folders.

The APOS Administrator InfoScheduler module allows you to schedule instances in bulk. Use the Instance Manager module to scan across folers for Analysis for Office instances and schedules, then reschedule in bulk, with or without bulk changes.

Beyond Curative BI

Using APOS Administrator will prepare you for numerous SAP BusinessObjects administration and management eventualities. This solution takes you beyond a merely curative approach to your BI platform and allows you to dedicate more resources to preventive and progressive BI activities.

APOS Administrator helps you achieve agile BI platform management for SAP BusinessObjects. They solve the administrative problems you have right now, but just as importantly, they also solve problems you haven't yet experienced.

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