Liberate your resources with automation, agility, and high-volume administration capabilities

APOS Administrator provides bulk administration capabilities that simplify, complement and enhance the security management, object management, document instance management, and scheduling features of SAP BusinessObjects. Save valuable administrative time through automation and task streamlining, reducing human error, and providing the agility and flexibility to meet the changing needs of information consumers.

Rapid system administration

Rapid system administration

Execute system administration tasks with speed and efficiency Learn more

Agile change management

Agile change management

Manage the environment's security structure in bulk and automate other large-scale system changes

Automate repetitive activities

Automate repetitive activities

Simplify workflows and reduce the potential for human error Learn more

Recover rapidly from failures

Recover rapidly from failures

Identify failures, correct issues in bulk to recover rapidly and meet service level agreements Learn more

Simplify migration

Simplify upgrades

Use agile capabilities to promote objects, and easily replicate structures between source and target environments Learn more

Strengthen governance and controls

Strengthen governance and controls

Create reliability and trust through operational efficiencies, agility and flexibility Learn more

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Strengthen governance and controls High Volume Security Management

Centralized bulk management of users, user groups, security, limits, preferences, and SAP BusinessObjects application security


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Simplify the process of searching for and selecting folders for security management with numerous selection criteria: search folders by name, location, object ID number, create date, modified data, and predefined data ranges.
Acts as an SAP BusinessObjects security management console for objects so you can:

  • Manage thousands of objects simultaneously
  • Perform sophisticated deployment of reports and documents to the system
  • Control security to the various objects
  • Perform common maintenance tasks on Users and Groups
  • Simplify the process of setting advanced security rights

Select all users in specific user groups or search for users by name and add them to a security management matrix that allows you to copy and paste security settings in bulk. View objects and folders as rows, and principals (user groups and users) as columns, allowing you to manage the security settings on all of them together instead of one folder at a time.
Realize time savings while ensuring the consistent application of security policies across your SAP BusinessObjects deployment.

  • Manage security rights within a matrix
  • Bulk modification of rights
  • Modify groups and users
  • Modify user properties in bulk
  • Import and update users from CSV and XML files
  • Import and update users from database
  • Advanced cross folder search interface
  • Manage high volumes of data
  • Manage environments with a high volume of user groups and users
  • Compare environments (security and content); document differences within Excel
  • Manage SAP BusinessObjects applications security
  • Manage limits assignments in bulk
  • Manage security and content with multiple CMSs
  • Manage user preferences in bulk
  • Generate Excel security matrices (export to CSV, XML)
  • Document explicitly applied rights
  • Query repository on the fly
  • Copy group membership for new or existing users
  • Create access levels for advanced rights
  • Create access levels from existing advanced rights
  • Search for reports by processing extension
  • Search for reports by data connection information

Use Administrator’s bulk operations, promotion, and security management features to maintain multi-tenancy structure and separation.

APOS Administrator and SAP BusinessObjects Trusted Authentication can validate specific changes you have made to security or object settings and ensure they display for users as planned. Use "administrative user impersonation," which lets you log in as a specific user in BI Launchpad and view reports as that user. This feature is extremely useful for platform managers wishing to examine the implementation of an organization's security model right down to row level security, and for administrators providing user support.

If you are a BI platform manager or BI administrator responsible for ensuring the proper implementation of your organization's security model, or if you're involved in BI user support, then you'll find administrative user impersonation to be an extremely useful feature of APOS Administrator and APOS Security Manager.

User impersonation allows administrators to see what specific users see, so you can examine the implementation of your security model down to row-level security with more certainty than you can creating temporary accounts. If you are providing BI user support, user impersonation lets you experience precisely what the user is seeing while you are talking to them remotely. You can log in to BI Launchpad as the user and view reports just as that user would see them.

Change validation using administrative user impersonation can work with the user providing credentials, or without user credentials if you activate the SAP BusinessObjects Trusted Authentication feature.

Effect BI system change effectively and efficiently through bulk operations:

  • Database and Semantic Layer
    Changes to data sources impact report content. APOS Administrator gives you the ability to modify the affected content quickly and accurately through bulk operations.
  • Security
    Make bulk modifications to enforce security and maintain confidence in your BI system's security model.
  • Users
    Respond instantly to maintain and limit user access to content.
  • Report Object Properties
    Use bulk operations to object property modifications quickly and avoid negative impacts on the user community.
  • Report Schedules
    Use accurate, timely, bulk operations to correct schedules and maintain service level agreements with your user community.

Rapid system administrationRapid, high-volume object management

Automate and simplify maintenance, management, and promotion of objects, object settings and preferences in bulk


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  • Automate labor-intensive administrative tasks to liberate resources
  • See and manage your entire object environment
  • Work with high-volumes of objects simultaneously
  • Manage users, groups and preferences
  • Manage reports, universes, security
  • Copy to objects folder
  • Bulk delete objects
  • Export object properties
  • Promote system objects
  • Refresh objects
  • Manage database logon settings
  • Manage:
    • Destination settings
    • Format settings
    • Notification settings
    • Process settings
    • Processing extensions settings
    • Properties settings
    • Refresh option settings
    • Schedule for settings
    • Web Intelligence caching options
  • Maintain:
    • Retry settings
    • Print settings
    • Parameters initial value settings
    • Categories
    • Limits
    • Preferences
    • Security
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Data connections
    • Universe locations
    • Universe connection

Use Administrator’s bulk operations, promotion, and security management features to maintain multi-tenancy structure and separation.

Automate repetitive activitiesEasy-To-Use Bulk Report Scheduling

Enable administrators and line-of-business power users to simplify and automate administrative tasks such as high-volume scheduling and rescheduling (with or without changes)


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  • Create and execute report schedules in high-volume
  • Create and edit multiple schedule properties at once
  • Update and repeat schedules with bulk schedule templates
  • Draw schedule properties and security from external data sources
  • Ease of use
  • Time savings through batch scheduling and rescheduling
  • Agility in disaster recovery and crisis management
  • Flexibility
  • Speed and volume of scheduling
  • Powerful search capabilities using custom properties
  • Migration mapping, instance exporting

APOS Administrator's bulk report scheduling capabilities are ideal for line-of-business power users. The familiar Excel-based interface, and the speed and simplicity it brings to the process of rescheduling, make it attractive to users throughout the enterprise, and essential to many enterprise processes such as budgeting. APOS Administrator's bulk report scheduling for SAP BusinessObjects simplifies such tasks greatly.

  • Accountants may need to build, test, tweak and distribute complex reports during the budgeting process.
  • IT power users use it as a batch bursting and recovery tool.
  • Management power users can schedule reports to themselves.
  • Choose from a broad range of scheduling options – immediately; once only; recurring hourly, daily, weekly, monthly; on a specified day of the week; on the nth day of a month; on the xth day of the nth week of the month; according to a BOE Calendar; on behalf of another BOE user;
  • Choose from a broad range of destination options – to a default repository; to email; to FTP; to an unmanaged disk
  • Use specified database settings
  • Use email alerts, notifications
  • Schedule to a Printer with options
  • Specify a wide range of parameters
  • Schedule based on Events
  • Schedule using an alternate User
  • Specify the number of retries and the retry Interval
  • Schedule by server groups
  • Schedule with Custom Property Names and Values
  • Import email addresses from Outlook or Exchange
  • Search for a report or instance and inherit settings
  • Import and export schedules via XML

Use Administrator’s bulk operations, promotion, and security management features to maintain multi-tenancy structure and separation.

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Simplified & automated BI administration

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Simplifed scheduling and ERP upgrades

Recover rapidly from failures Efficient Bulk Instance Management

Identify failures, correct issues in bulk and re-run schedules with changes in bulk to recover rapidly and meet service level agreements

Analyze the report instance environment as a whole and automate instance management tasks to reduce human error and manage crises efficiently.

Enhanced administrator SAP BusinessObjects instance management capabilities help you to work more efficiently, reduce human error, save time, and avoid crises. Analyze the report instance environment as a whole and automate instance management processes.


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  • See and manage your entire instance inventory
  • Work with multiple instances simultaneously
  • Perform granular search by properties (status, owner, Report ID)
  • Stop, pause, release and reschedule high volumes of instances
  • Respond rapidly and in bulk to report failure scenarios
  • Reduction of human error
  • Reliability
  • Operational efficiency
  • Time savings
  • Crisis management/avoidance
  • Automation
  • Status - All, Running, Success, Failure, Paused, Pending
  • Enterprise Folder Name/ID
  • Report Name/ID
  • Instance ID
  • Instance Owner
  • Category
  • Date/Date Range/Time Range

APOS Administrator's "rescheduling with edit" capabilities let you select a group of report instances that have already been run, edit specific instance properties such as database login, destination, format, schedule and events, then reschedule the instances.

You can:

  • Reschedule
  • Reschedule with Edit
  • Pause Running document instances
  • Release Paused document instances
  • Delete document instances
  • Print document instances
  • Re-scan for document instances
  • Copy document instances to folder
  • Export instance properties to CSV
  • Automatically Export instance properties to CSV
  • Export properties to CSV/XML file
  • View instance properties
  • Copy document instances to network
  • Search Enterprise folder structure for document instances
  • Reset folder cache
  • Save column order
  • Select all document instances
  • Use date selection on the client
  • Print list
  • Refresh instance list

Use Administrator’s bulk operations, promotion, and security management features to maintain multi-tenancy structure and separation.

Recover rapidly from failures Simplify Upgrades

Automate and simplify object, instance, and schedule management

Remove uncertainties from the upgrade process, and liberate resources to tackle higher-ROI tasks. During the migration process, many bulk actions are necessary to re-establish the new environment. Use APOS Administrator to automate and simplify these changes in bulk.


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Use Administrator’s agile object promotion capabilities to promote objects between environments, and its bulk management of objects, schedules, instances & security to replicate structures between environments, and speed environment preparation.

  • Adapt the migrated source system to the new environment using bulk operations on a large number of system objects (reports, folders, users, security, settings, etc.).
  • Import schedules from the legacy system, then map and export them to the new system.
  • Control security to the various objects.
  • Perform common maintenance of Users and Groups, simplifying the onerous task of setting advanced security rights.
  • Analyze an entire report instance environment at once.
  • Apply actions to instances in bulk.
  • Establish control over migrated instances/schedules.
  • Modify recurring schedules.
  • Manage scheduling crises quickly and efficiently.
  • Manage objects in bulk.
  • Perform sophisticated deployment of reports and documents to the system.
  • Promote objects from development/testing to production efficiently and in compliance with data security and privacy requirements


Recover rapidly from failures Upgrade Universe and Report Formats

Reduce the level of uncertainty around migration and upgrades through rapid conversion, bulk repointing, and automated testing.


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  • Scan your system for Web Intelligence reports using the criteria you specify
  • Specify UNX to connect Web Intelligence reports to
  • Specify whether to write the new connection information to the existing report, or create a new report in a specified location
  • Convert UNV to UNX and repoint Web Intelligence reports to the new UNX in a single, two-phase operation
  • Change universe settings on Web Intelligence reports in bulk
  • Export Universe properties
  • Manage data connections

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Automating massive system update to UNX Semantic Layer


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