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Customer Success – Bristol – APOS Publisher for Cloud

Using APOS Publisher for Cloud for
Timely, Personalized Internal & External Report Distribution

Bristol, a European, Benelux -based retailer specializing in shoes, clothing and accessories, uses SAP Analytics Cloud as its Analytics platform. They needed a timely means of distributing personalized sales reports in PDF format to store management on a weekly basis. The timing of report delivery was critical for Euro Shoe Group’s scheduled sales meetings. Personalization was also critical: each store needed information specific to its previous week’s performance.

Customer Success – Western Kentucky University – APOS Administrator


Bristol needed to get weekly sales dashboards in PDF format to hundreds of retail stores simultaneously to allow review of KPIs and collaboration between stores. They required:

  • Timely Broadcasting
    “Push” broadcasting to non-SAC users to ensure timely receipt of reports, improving accountability within the sales organization and encouraging involvement at the store level.
  • Personalized Dashboards
    Delivery of store-specific key performance indicators and actual sales figures drawn from a BW data source, providing comparable information and consistent measurements between stores to enable collaboration between stores.
  • Granular Control
    The ability to monitor the broadcasting process to ensure prompt delivery of reports to all stores.


Bristol’s SAP Account Executive reviewed their requirements and referred them to APOS. After a successful proof-of-concept exercise, they deployed APOS Publisher for Cloud, which gave them:

  • Automated, Targeted, Data-Driven Broadcasting
    Dynamic, data driven processes let them push PDF dashboards via email to the people who need it, when they need it.
  • Strategic Timing
    Tailored reports delivered at the specific times required by their sales workflows for maximum impact on decision making and job execution.
  • Personalized Data
    Simplified user experience with offline consumption of the filtered and personalized data they need.
  • Distribution Monitoring
    Ability to monitor distribution easily from an administrator account to ensure timely delivery of KPIs and sales data.
  • Tailored Format
    Consumers receive the information they need in the convenient and specific format they require for immediate use, removing connection barriers.
  • Ease of Use
    Data-driven bursting capabilities for “set and forget” broadcasting.


“Thanks to the APOS Publisher for Cloud solution, all stores receive, in an automated way, a weekly dashboard with the sales KPIs of the previous week for their store in PDF format. The dashboard gives a clear picture of their store's sales results and stock, and these figures are compared to a cluster of comparable stores. Thanks to this information, the store manager and their team can manage the store perfectly, see where there is still potential and take the necessary actions.

“The implementation of APOS Publisher for Cloud went very smoothly and thanks to the good cooperation with the APOS technical team, problems were quickly solved. It is a stable solution that requires little follow-up.”

Guido Vanden Wyngaert, ICT Manager, Euro Shoe Group


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