APOS Distribution Server & SAP BI Launchpad Integration

Complement the powerful information generation and delivery system that is SAP BusinessObjects with APOS Distribution Server. If you are using SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 SP4 or later, a Distribution Server license lets you integrate Distribution Server directly with BI Launchpad, providing a number of advanced features, such as:

  • Enhanced destination types
  • Enhanced print controls
  • Enhanced encryption & security
  • Greater variety of formats

Push, Pull, Print, Place

If you look at distribution within the context of information delivery, there are a number of facets that deserve your attention. We commonly speak of information delivery as being either Push or Pull. However, there are other ways of looking at distribution, such as Print and Place.


By Push, we generally mean we are sending the information to a consumer using a delivery medium such as email. Push is a time-tested distribution mode, but it is being challenged by the growing need for governance and compliance. Distribution Server can help with enhanced security and encryption.


By Pull we generally mean we are inviting the consumer to log in to the BI system to access the information. Pull is extremely secure, but it does not account for distribution to external information consumers, and it counts on the information consumer to seek out the information actively.


Print is the oldest form of distribution. It has fallen out of favor in the age of the paperless office, but it still has a role to play. Distribution Server's enhanced print controls provide greater control over formats and destinations. For example, administrators can determine which printers are available to which users and groups.


Distribution Server creates a new option, which we call Place. When we Place information, we are putting it where it is needed, when it is needed, with the right security, in order to inform workflows and decisions. Distribution Server's great variety of destination types, format types and security options make it possible to put information where it will be timely and useful.

APOS Distribution Server Integration

Information Distribution Governance

Whether the distribution mode is push, pull, place or print, the distributed information is subject to governance. There are many reasons for organizations that employ SAP BusinessObjects to want to improve the ways in which they deliver information, but they can all be reduced to one word: control.

Absolute control over your report distribution infrastructure makes your report distribution workflows more usable and efficient, but also more secure, thus providing the distribution governance needed to meet internal standards and external legislative requirements.

Find out how the Distribution Server / BI Launchpad integration can support your information distribution governance objectives. Download the white paper:

Advanced Information Distribution Governance:
APOS Publisher / BI Launchpad Integration White Paper

APOS Distribution Server is a module of APOS Publisher, a complete SAP BusinessObjects publishing solution, and is also available separately.

Note: If you are not using BI 4.2 SP 4 or later, you can still use APOS Distribution Server for enhanced destination types, print controls, encryption and security. Distribution Server was originally designed as a separate solution to complement SAP BusinessObjects distribution capabilities.


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