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Monitor, Manage and Audit BI Data Connectivity

The APOS Intelligent Data Access Controller (IDAC) extends the BI administrator's control of data processes beyond the BI system to the data sources themselves. IDAC gives you the ability to monitor and manage queries from your BI system to all of your enterprise data sources.

IDAC is designed to help BI administrators keep up with their rapidly evolving BI deployments. As more and more organizations migrate to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 and begin to realize SAP's vision for the future of BI, administrators will need to leverage all of the data connectivity tools available to them.

SAP BI 4 - Self-Serve BI and Increased Data Access

For many SAP BI deployments, a greater emphasis on self-service BI is a major factor in decisions concerning their current and future deployment plans. Often the move to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 is a key step in this move to greater self-service BI, whatever form that may take. However, self-service success is not necessarily all good news to the BI platform's managers and administrators.

Even in highly structured report design/develop/deploy environments, SAP BusinessObjects platform managers know how taxing their BI system can be on their data environments. With growth in self-service initiatives, anyone with access to SAP BusinessObjects can query a wide variety of enterprise data sources, mix and match them via the UNX universe, and build their own custom Web Intelligence report. More data sources, more queries, more users of varied skill levels: what could possibly go wrong?

More Data Sources, More Queries, Greater Complexity

Even in the best-designed and most highly optimized BI deployment, there will be anomalies in your day-to-day operations. More data sources, higher volume, and greater complexity (whether intentional or not) have the potential to create query performance issues for both BI administrators and database administrators.

To minimize the impact which query performance can have on your ability to deliver information in a timely manner, you need to work proactively to identify the anomalies, trace them to their source, and remedy their causes. Being proactive means taking charge of your data processes. To take charge of these processes, you need to know as much as possible about them, know when they are behaving optimally, and how to minimize the impact of anomalies on the delivery of information. You need to monitor, manage, and audit data access for administrative transparency and accountability.

IDAC is the solution that gives you these capabilities.

IDAC - Manage, Monitor, Audit BI Data Connectivity

Multi-threaded IDAC processes log BI query metadata to achieve tight monitoring and control of query processes between your BI system and numerous data sources. You can actively monitor queries on a console, and cancel queries remotely. You can set up automatic monitoring and query cancellation based on thresholds.


APOS IDAC Architecture
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What IDAC lets you do:

  • Monitor and audit BI queries:
    • Track queries in real time
    • Receive automatic alerts when established thresholds are exceeded
    • Automatically cancel runaway queries
  • Manage BI queries:
    • Perform highly detailed audits of BI queries
    • Intervene manually in queries
    • Control access to data for more robust security, compliance, content promotion

IDAC also works with UNV universes, and can also help you gain control of specialized database products such as Teradata, providing support for proprietary features such as query banding, and temporal data types.

IDAC - Gain Control Over Your BI Data Connectivity

The APOS Intelligent Data Access Controller solution provides the information you need to understand your BI data connectivity, to manage query processes effectively, to increase the efficiency of your BI and data solutions. IDAC is the proactive solution that allows you to take charge of your data connectivity and data processes, so your organization can realize the full benefits of pervasive, self-serve BI.

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