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Monitor, Manage and Audit BI Data Connectivity

The APOS Intelligent Data Access Controller (IDAC) extends the BI administrator's control of data processes beyond the BI system to the data sources themselves. IDAC gives you the ability to monitor and manage queries from your BI system to all of your enterprise data sources.

IDAC is designed to help BI administrators keep up with their rapidly evolving BI deployments, giving them both actionable information on their system's security and usage, and the ability to act.

APOS IDAC Architecture

APOS IDAC Architecture
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Why You Need APOS IDAC

APOS IDAC lets you:

  • Extend administrative control beyond the BI system
    APOS IDAC gives administrators awareness of queries that have run or are currently being run against data sources outside of the BI system, and allows them to manage those queries, and even cancel them if necessary.
  • Track and analyze user behavior within your BI system
    Track, audit and analyze user behavior to establish usage patterns.
  • Manage the growing complexity of your BI system
    Maintain control of your rapidly evolving BI deployment and awareness of self-service BI.
  • Increase accountability through checks and balances
    Knowledge of system usage, actionable information & alerts ensure your BI users meet corporate governance standards.
  • Manage BI system change
    Monitor & audit SAP BI queries to detect system usage changes and identify potential misuse and bottlenecks.
  • Extend security to sensitive data
    Give sensitive data the protection required by internal governance and external regulation.

What You Can Do with APOS IDAC

With APOS IDAC, you can:

  • Manage, monitor & audit BI data connectivity
    Implement tight monitoring and control of query processes between your BI system and numerous data sources.
  • Record query metadata
    Retrieve query metadata to the IDAC database for a complete, auditable record.
  • Flag sensitive data and set up alerts
    Alert administrators if any part of the metadata retrieved meets predetermined criteria or surpasses predetermined thresholds.
  • See beyond the borders of your BI system
    Monitor and audit metadata that would normally be available only to DBAs.
  • Monitor and analyze user behavior
    Know who is using your system how, where, and when, and detect changes in user behavior.



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