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Query Governance - See Beyond Your SAP BI System's Borders

APOS IDAC lets you monitor and audit metadata that would normally be available only to DBAs, and even perform actions -- such as canceling queries -- against data sources outside the boundaries of your BI system.
IDAC's query governance capabilities enable:

  • Real-time tracking of BI queries
  • Automatic alerts when thresholds are exceeded
  • Automatic cancelling of runaway queries
  • Manual query intervention and remote cancelling

Query Governance Objectives

As a BI platform manager or administrator, your objectives with regard to query governance should be to:

  • Foster data connectivity accountability
  • Prevent the disclosure of confidential and proprietary information to unauthorized parties
  • Optimize data connectivity
  • Optimize queries

Unfortunately, meeting these objectives takes you outside of your BI system's standard monitoring and auditing capabilities.

APOS IDAC helps you achieve these objectives by rendering data connections visible so you can identify bottlenecks, enforce accountability, and meet your service level agreements with your user base.



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