Automated testing of BI report accuracy and performance

APOS Insight BI Report Testing module (Validation Manager) provides automated report testing to ensure your reports stay the same through environmental changes (database, universe, operating system/software upgrades), compliance, upgrade testing, and day to day testing for:

  • SAP Web Intelligence
  • SAP Analysis Office
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise

Content validation is a necessary step in the implementation of new versions and SPs of SAP BI. Ensuring that report objects and instances behave in the same manner pre- and post-implementation is a critical element of the testing process, and we have designed the APOS Insight BI Report Testing module (Validation Manager) to take much of the drudgery out of this part of the process.

Change management assurance

Change management assurance

Automate and expand report testing potential, increasing content reliability and confidence, and improving information governance

Speed migration & upgrade timelines

Speed migration & upgrade timelines

Adopt new content and new technology more quickly to achieve greater speed to ROI

Remove risk of human error

Remove risk of human error

Automated testing reduces the potential for human error

Reduce manual testing time

Reduce manual testing time

Improve resource management with automated testing and redirect resources to higher-ROI activities

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Personalized Data Automated Report Testing

Flexible bulk project preparation methods give you granular control over your content testing processes, and greatly reduce migration and upgrade timelines.

Keeping enterprise software up to date is critical to the smooth functioning of any organization. Your SAP BI system needs to run on the newest SP to allow your decision-making workflows to take advantage of the latest and greatest BI platform advances, but even the implementation of a new SP requires due diligence and can consume your resources for a considerable amount of time. One of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive activities in such a technology adoption project is content validation.

Personalized Data Automated Regression Testing

Ensure reports deliver consistent results across deployments, versions and upgrades, and greatly reduces the effort required to maintain the integrity of change management processes.


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Personalized Data Report Performance Testing

Use standardized test plans and benchmarks to identify and resolve performance issues.

APOS Insight BI Report Testing module (Validation Manager) presents a project-based, highly controlled environment for testing reports. From the main screen, you can log in to your source BI system, search for report objects, add the report objects to a project, set the target BI system connection information, and import the files into your project. You can simplify the import operation by using the auditing features of APOS Insight or APOS Administrator solution, or you can import by specifying schedules or from existing instances.

Personalized Data Project-based Interface

To control and organize the testing process, projects are retained over time and are repeatable for consistent testing needs. Easily identify reporting inconsistencies either by using an interactive UI or management reports.

Personalized Data Validating SAP BI Content Appearance, Functionality & Calculations

You need to validate content in a number of ways, but two of the most time- and labor-consuming validation processes are:

  • Validating whether instances appear and function in the same manner. That is, the SP didn't break the existing instance. When you open the instance after deployment of the SP, it looks identical to how it appeared before the SP deployment.
  • Validating that reports run in the same way with the same parameters, producing the same results. That is, calculations do not change from one SP to another.

APOS Validation Manager automates these two validation processes, returning results in a small fraction of the time it takes to perform these processes manually.

While there are other facets of instances that organizations may test, it is these two that are the most time-consuming and labor-intensive. Because the Validation Manager handles a substantial chunk of the most labor-, time-, and cost-intensive activities, it allows you to enlarge your sampling of reports and instances while liberating resources to perform higher-ROI activities. 

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