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APOS Insight for Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud Monitoring & Analysis

APOS Insight for Cloud gives you granular tracking and monitoring of SAP Analytics Cloud system processes, allowing you to answer questions such as:

  • Is my SAP Analytics Cloud system functioning effectively?
  • Are my SAP Analytics Cloud stories and reports performing well?
  • How can I troubleshoot performance challenges?

APOS Insight for Cloud let's you configure and run a service to monitor the performance of SAP Analytics Cloud stories, send notifications to selected recipients when the stories' performance crosses pre-defined thresholds, and collect statistics over time that you can use to compare access amongst locations using your Cloud deployment.

APOS Insight for Cloud Architecture

APOS Insight for Cloud Architecture

You can use APOS Insight for Cloud to monitor story health (availability and performance of critical stories and reports), as well as general system health (availability and performance of your SAP Analytics Cloud deployment).

By capturing story and system health over, you can perform historical analysis and review performance and availability over time.


APOS Insight for Cloud provides monitoring of availability and performance of your SAP Analytics Cloud system. Monitor:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud instance from each of your office locations from inside your firewall
  • SAP Analytics Cloud system availability
  • Data Resource availability - including Live Connection resources
  • Performance - SAP Analytics Cloud story connection times
  • SAP Analytics Cloud story data retrieval times


By comparing statistics amongst locations, you can formulate an understanding of your system's performance. You can also set thresholds and send notifications when the system does not perform according to the standards established in those thresholds.

  • Compare performance  between multiple office locations
  • Alert using email or SNMP for a direct connection to your monitoring suite
  • Keep track of your connection performance data over time


APOS Insight for Cloud allows you to configure the following thresholds:

  • Maximum initial page load time
  • Maximum resource load time
  • Maximum total page load time
  • Maximum total process time
  • Maximum logon time
  • Maximum database logon time
  • Maximum number of pages



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