APOS Insight - Operating Environment Monitoring

APOS Insight performs real-time monitoring of your operating environment, including:

  • Memory
  • CPU
  • Database
  • Website

APOS Insight Alerts

APOS Insight uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to communicate real-time information about your BI platform in the form of alerts. APOS Insight alerts enable proactive server management through predictive analysis, using thresholds to anticipate instabilities in the system, and to initiate automatic, remote corrective actions. You can:

  • Monitor various system activities and performance indicators and set timed thresholds for alerts when the threshold is crossed or when service levels return to normal.
  • Monitor system functionality to make sure your servers are operating properly.
  • Monitor memory levels, CPU usage, and event log messages from services to identify system instabilities.
  • Take corrective action by running sc ripts automatically when alert conditions occur.
  • Alert by sending email messages, sending to the Windows Event Log, or using SNMP.

APOS Insight Website Auditor

The APOS Insight Website Auditor resides on your web application server and audits web application server sessions and SAP BusinessObjects sessions. The Website Auditor captures a wealth of information about these sessions, including the parameters used in each transaction, URLs, cookies, header information, posting information, and SAP BusinessObjects login details. It captures far more than the web application server's native audit log and writes it to a database table, which can then be used to populate dashboards and reports for a near real-time view of web application server activity.

Sensitive Data Governance

The Website Auditor captures the granular activities on your web application server, but also provides a high-level view of the server — what is trending, which reports and pages receive the most visits, when usage peaks, bottlenecks, which user groups use the most web application server resources, and more.

This feature is equally valuable for both operational and governance issues. The granular detail captured by the Website Auditor makes it extremely useful for organizations in heavily regulated industries in which access to sensitive data must be tracked for governance and compliance purposes.

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