Performance Testing with Large Datasets

Volume, Variety, and Velocity have long been known as the three 'Vs' of Big Data. Cloud-based data platforms such as Snowflake, Google BigQuery and HANA provide the Volume (petabytes of data) and the Variety (structure, unstructured, and semi-structured), but the Velocity of Big Data is a measure of how quickly you can access it. APOS Live Data Gateway's architecture provides this Velocity in Cloud/Big Data environments.

Watch below how APOS Live Data Gateway performs with large data sets in Snowflake (288 billion rows) and Google BigQuery (196 million rows).



Connecting SAP Analytics Cloud live to Snowflake Data Cloud
- 288 billion rows (10TB data set)

Query results in under 2 seconds


Connecting live to Google BigQuery
- 196 million rows


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