Success Stories


Salling Success Story with APOS

Bursting 7,000+ daily personalized reports while reducing BI system load Read more

Harvey Norman Success Story with APOS Publisher

High-volume report scheduling with complex distribution capabilites Read more

Equian Success Story with APOS Distribution Server and APOS Publisher

Lowered costs, saved time and improved report distribution efficiency Read more

Amer Sports Success Story with APOS Publisher

Reduced IT burden with hundreds of targeted and personalized reports distributed daily Read more

Lindorff part of Intrum Success Story with APOS

Greater usability for customers, with simplified scheduling and bursting processes Read more

Delta Dental of New Jersey Success Story with APOS

Bursting personalized reports for stakeholders, clients and brokers ensuring timely access and structured archive Read more

AGC Glass Europe Success Story with APOS

Bursting automated, personalized, customer reports improve efficiency Read more

Hormann Group Success Story with APOS

Full automated, data-driven and optimized report generation and delivery Read more

Case Studies

Salling Group

Salling Group - APOS Publisher allows them to publish 7,000 plus personalized reports quickly and efficiently each business day.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman - Distribution governance on a multinational scale to address high volume and growing complexity of reports.


Redevco B.V. - Meeting complex invoicing, publishing and document-of-record requirements.

SickKids Hospital Toronto

The Hospital for Sick Children - Managing research grant and renewal procedures through bursting and distribution governance.

University of Washington, Medicine

[APOS] Publisher has saved many hours of administrative work not creating and maintaining 600 report instances directly. Instead, we schedule 18 bursting definitions in APOS Publisher. To add or change a report schedule, I just update the database with the information so there is no need to touch schedules in SAP BI.

Bret Holmes, University of Washington, Medicine

University of Washington, Medicine

University of Washington, Medicine

We purchased the APOS Bursting Manager to help us get information to the right people when it is needed. The combination of SAP BusinessObjects and Bursting Manager has made us agile in dealing with the management of research studies, and has allowed us to effectively allocate our resources.

Asanga Mallikage, Senior Analyst, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto (SickKids)

University of Washington, Medicine


APOS [Publisher] reliably publishes nearly 8,000 monthly reports to Business Objects. Configuring the publishing is easy and highly configurable. This is a very valuable tool for our organization. APOS tech support… response time is among the shortest I encounter. Product suggestions and improvements are welcomed and status of the improvements are provided. APOS is a top-quality vendor.

Lee Pfeiffer, BI Engineer, Equian