APOS Semantic Layer Migrator (UMMA) is a means of translating SAP BI data modelling, as presented by SAP BI Universes and Web Intelligence reports, into SAP HANA data modelling logic, as presented by Calculation Views.

SAP's Universe Landscape Migration Tool (ULMT) is part of the Information Design Tool that enables the conversion of a universe that connects to a relational data source to become a universe that connects to a HANA data source. The end result is a universe that connects to data in HANA.

APOS Semantic Layer Migrator Hana Calculation Views

The APOS Semantic Layer Migrator solution, in contrast, focuses on transitioning the modelling connections and logic of Universes into HANA-based modelling connections and logic. The end result is HANA Calculation Views which can be used by SAP Analytics Cloud, without any connection to or reliance on the initial Universe or the underlying SAP BusinessObjects system, providing important architectural and system planning flexibility.

This process does not remove or disturb the source Universe in any way. The source Universe remains fully available for ongoing use within the SAP BI system. The resulting HANA Calculation Views can be used not just by SAP Analytics Cloud, but also by any SAP BI client that supports connecting to HANA Calculation Views, including Web Intelligence.

Another important advantage of the APOS Semantic Layer Migrator solution is that it does not simply address this modelling translation process on a single universe. Instead, it accomplishes this transition in an automated bulk operation, meaning that all desired Universes can be using this wizard-driven process.


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