APOS Storage Center -
Report Promotion & System Replication

APOS Storage Center should be the heart of your system storage strategy. Its content promotion and system replication capabilities allow you to manage your system content efficiently.

Report Promotion

APOS Storage Center gives you the flexibility to promote reports to your choice of locations, with or without a folder structure, and with your choice of instance and backup options.


APOS Storage Center Report Promotion Settings

APOS Storage Center Promotion Settings
(click to enlarge)

System Replication

APOS Storage Center provides the ability to archive not just universes, reports, and instances, but all object types within your SAP BI system, which means that you can use APOS Storage Center to replicate an entire deployment, including user groups and all security settings. Using the LCMBIAR archive method, the whole system can be archived, then restored to a new environment.

Contact APOS to find out how APOS Storage Center can help you to achieve a proactive system content storage strategy.


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