APOS Storage Center -
System Content Backup & Instance Archive

APOS Storage Center is your electronic vault for SAP BusinessObjects report objects, schedules, report instances and other objects. Backing up with APOS Storage Center ensures the integrity and retrievability of your documents of record, and should be a key ingredient in any BI disaster recovery plan.

Rules-Based Backup & Archive

APOS Storage Center is a full-client solution that provides comprehensive, rules-based backup, and archive functionality for SAP BusinessObjects. You can use Storage Center in online mode, offline mode, or both to balance disk space, performance and audit requirements.

APOS Storage Center allows you to back up not only BI report objects, but also other types of system and information objects, such as dashboards (Xcelsius), documents, and Infospaces. Instances are archived as information at a point in time.

Online & Offline Archive

APOS Storage Center makes both online and offline archive strategies available to you. In online storage, the archived documents of record remain within your SAP BusinessObjects system, but are invisible to standard queries, saving processing power for the information that is of primary importance to your analysts. Offline storage moves archived documents of record to a separate location while maintaining their integrity in relation to your BI system, saving you both processing power and storage space.

In online archiving, APOS Storage Center allows you to change the status of specific report instances inside SAP BusinessObjects so that they do not appear on the normal History screen. You can authorize specific users to move instances from 'Active' to 'Online Archive' or the reverse.

Archiving limits the number of document instances the system has to search through, improving response times.

Online Archived report instances are not loaded by SAP BusinessObjects. For this reason, these instances cannot be viewed from the Online Archive. The main benefits of online archiving are:

  • The regular history screen has fewer instances, loads faster and generally improves the end-user experience.
  • The SAP BusinessObjects system's performance is improved.

Offline archiving copies selected report instances to an external file location (with or without format conversion) and then deletes them from SAP BusinessObjects. APOS Storage Center also allows an administrator to restore these instances to their original location, or to a new location.

Offline archiving both improves performance and saves storage space. Managing storage space is extremely important for migration preparation. It helps you reduce the volume of data to be migrated.

Offline archiving also creates a neutral format copy for long time storage.

Archiving Using the LCMBIAR Method

APOS Storage Center gives you the choice of archiving instances in standard or LCMBIAR methods, or in both simultaneously. Using the LCMBIAR method allows you to save security settings along with the instances.

Instance Management

APOS Storage Center also allows an administrator to manually move online or offline archived instances from one folder to a different location within SAP BusinessObjects. This capability is useful when you wish to keep a group of instances in the system but not in their current folder.

With this method, every object and instance is backed up to an individual LCMBAIR file and can be restored individually. However, they can only be restored to their original locations and not to a different folder, and they can only be backed up to their original formats.

Contact APOS to find out how APOS Storage Center can help you to achieve a proactive system content storage strategy.


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