Requirements for corporate governance, risk management and regulatory compliance have never been more stringent, and your BI & Analytics team needs to understand how those requirements affect their deployments, and have strategies in place for simplifying recurring tasks.

APOS well managed BI & Analytics solutions can help you be proactive in governance and compliance on behalf of your organization.

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SOX - Internal Controls & Change Management

SOX compliance is an enterprise-wide responsibility, and one of the BI team's greatest contributions to SOX compliance is BI report change management.

APOS solutions can help you maintain audit-readiness through internal control change management and historical analysis

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HIPAA - Security & Privacy Rules

The U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is an attempt to balance the needs of the system vs. the privacy of the individual. Improving the portability of individually identifiable health information encourages better integration of health services. Improving accountability protects the confidentiality of that shared information.

Your SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud deployments must not only comply with accountability provisions; it must also have the audit controls to demonstrate that it complies.

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GDPR - SAP BI Compliance Resources

The focus of the GDPR is squarely on the data subject - the person whose personal data is to be protected. From whom or what is this personal data to be protected? From misuse or abuse by data controllers and data processors, who have a mutual responsibility to protect the data subject's personal data, and to respect the data subject's rights under the GDPR.

APOS solutions can help with your data inspection, data protection, and data retention requirements.

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To find out more about how APOS well managed BI & Analytics solutions can help you meet your governance, risk management and compliance needs for SOX, HIPAA, and/or GDPR, call your APOS account manager, or make a Solution Inquiry.