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APOS Storage Center

Backup, Archive, Selective Restore

APOS Storage Center automates the backup, archive and selective restore functions in your SAP BusinessObjects deployment. It helps you:

  • Manage the document lifecycle through rules-based backup, archive, versioning and selective
    restore functionality.
  • Safeguard data privacy through selective restore.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance by maintaining "document-of-record" integrity throughout the
    backup, archive, restore, and migration processes.
  • Improve system performance by removing or limiting access to archived documents.

APOS Storage Center

APOS Storage Center Architecture
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APOS Storage Center Features:

  • Rules-based backup, archive, versioning, selective restore
  • Archive, backup, rollback, selective restore using LCMBIAR method
  • Backup and restore of other information objects (Xcelsius, Office documents, Infospaces, etc.)
  • Offline and online archiving
  • Extract and export
  • Intelligent report purging

SAP BusinessObjects Online and Offline Backup & Archive

APOS Storage Center is a full-client solution that provides comprehensive, rules-based, backup and archive functionality for SAP BusinessObjects. You can use Storage Center in online mode, offline mode, or both to balance disk space, performance and audit requirements.

Note: The difference between backup and archive services is that archive removes the instance, while backup simply copies the instance and leaves the original in place.

SAP BusinessObjects Selective Restore

Whether you archive online or offline, you can restore individual document instances to a location of your choice. This feature is extremely useful when selected "documents of record" must be provided for audit in accordance with legislated or internal requirements. You can comply quickly while ensuring data privacy by restoring only the documents in question to a controlled location.

Web Intelligence Report Versioning

If your organization makes extensive use of Web Intelligence reports, you know that their convenience for users leads to some administrative inconvenience.

Formal report development goes through development, QA, and production cycles. If you lose a report object, you can easily restore it from an earlier development or QA cycle. However, Web Intelligence reports are by their nature ad hoc: they are designed and built by users. APOS Storage Center gives you the ability to back up report versions, ensuring reporting continuity. Because archived reports can be written to numerous formats that do not depend on original data sources, you can guard the "document-of-record" status of reports.

Intelligent Purge

Because Web Intelligence reports are user-generated, report instances tend to proliferate. Storage Center's archive capabilities also allow you to purge instances with confidence to improve system organization and performance.

APOS Storage Center and the BI 4.2 Recycle Bin

In SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2, SAP introduced the Recycle Bin, which allows administrators to restore accidentally deleted content to Public Folders, typically within a 30-day window after the deletion. (Note that the system only starts to retain deleted items after the Recycle Bin has been activated. That is, you cannot activate the Recycle Bin and retrieve items that were deleted prior to the date on which you activated the feature.) While this feature is a useful addition to BI 4.2, it does not meet the needs for versioning and selective restore that are provided by APOS Storage Center.

The Recycle Bin works for a number of "Oops!" moments when a report is accidentally deleted, but it does not allow you to restore earlier versions of a report to reverse changes you have made. Because APOS Storage Center backs up with versioning, it allows you to retrieve an earlier version of the report, without the changes made to the current version.

APOS Storage Center and Preventive BI

APOS Storage Center is your electronic vault for SAP BusinessObjects document instances. Its backup, archive and selective restore capabilities make it invaluable to organizations concerned with the integrity of their document instances. The proactive use of Storage Center is a preventive BI best practice for the prevention of problems and the timely resolution of issues.

Migrating Desktop Intelligence REP Instances

Your content management strategy will be key to your migration success. Once you inventory all of your content, you need to decide what you will move and what you will archive. The content that you archive should still be readily available for selective restore to the new BI 4 deployment.

Using APOS Storage CenterYou can:

  • Back up or archive reports and instances in previous versions of SAP BusinessObjects and restore them in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x.
  • Export instances to neutral formats such as PDF or XLS and restore that format instead, or in addition to the original format. This feature is useful for converting REP instances from the source system before restoring them in a format that can be viewed by all users in SAP BusinessObjects 4.1.
  • Restore instances as zipped instances into SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 to save space.
  • Migrate large environments by restoring objects at any time and continuing to backup and archive the source system and restoring to the target system without interruption to either system.

This solution should be a key ingredient in any SAP BusinessObjects disaster recovery plan, and its extract and export features make it an essential tool for partial or complete migration of instances between BusinessObjects deployments.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office & APOS Storage Center

Use APOS Storage Center to develop and implement a comprehensive Analysis for Office content storage strategy.

Using APOS Storage Center, you can back up Analysis for Office documents with versions, back up Analysis for Office instances, and purge unused Analysis for Office documents.


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Who Should Use Storage Center?

The Storage Center solution provides great value to companies that need to:

  • Make extensive use of Web Intelligence reports
  • Mitigate risk by safeguarding objects, document instances, and instance integrity for audit and compliance purposes (e.g., finance, healthcare industries)
  • Migrate document instances from one deployment of SAP BusinessObjects to another; perform partial or complete migration
  • Extract and export objects and document instances to other formats such as PDF (e.g., export Web Intelligence reports, which are Universe-dependent, to PDF to ensure access to the report's data)
  • Implement an intelligent means to purge reports while retaining retrievable versions; connect to audit capabilities/rules
  • Manage disc space carefully
  • Improve system performance by limiting the number of document instances it has to search

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