APOS White Papers

APOS well managed BI solutions automate, enhance and extend the capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects. Download these APOS white papers to discover how to apply these solutions strategically to maximize BI ROI, reduce total cost of ownership, and improve resource management.

Well Managed BI: Managing Your BI Platform for ROI

BI has become mission critical to most enterprises. With this growth in its centrality comes added pressures. Numerous factors are driving the need for more efficient, agile and responsive BI solutions, including volume and complexity of data and data sources, increasing demand from information consumers, and growing governance and compliance requirements. Learn how you can meet these challenges by practicing progressive BI strategies.

Whitepaper - Well Managed BI - Managing Your BI Platform for ROI

Migrating to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x with APOS Well Managed BI Solutions

Migrations, upgrades and service packs are facts of life for BI platform managers and administrators. Simplifying and automating the many activities necessary to adopt new versions and updates to SAP BusinessObjects allows you to keep up with new technology, maintain your organization's competitive advantage, and manage your resources efficiently. Learn how well managed BI leads to a well managed migration.

Whitepaper - Migrating to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x with APOS Well Managed BI Solutions

Advanced Information Distribution Goverance: APOS Publisher / BI Launchpad Integration in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 SP4

SAP BusinessObjects is a powerful information generation and delivery system, but the opportunity for broader distribution and consumption of that content is almost as significant. With the release of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 SP 4, the Distribution Server module of APOS Publisher is integrated with BI Launchpad, providing increased distribution and security options, and improved information distribution governance. Learn how this integration can help you find the precise combintation of destination, format and encryption options you need to meet your user, security and governance needs.

Whitepaper - Advanced Information Distribution Governance

APOS Publisher: Progressive Enterprise Publishing for SAP BusinessObjects

For organizations in the financial services and insurance industries, as well as for the Finance and Audit teams in all public companies, BI publishing is a critical piece in the information governance puzzle. How can an enterprise cope with an exponential growth in data, data types, and data sources, meet expanding regulatory and governance requirements, cater to increased stakeholder communications needs, and manage security, privacy and other risks — all while reducing costs and increasing shareholder value? Learn about progressive enterprise publishing.

Whitepaper - APOS Publisher - Progressive Enterprise Publishing for SAP BusinessObjects