APOS Well Managed BI Solutions

The APOS suite of "well managed BI" solutions provides an integrated approach to BI platform management for SAP BusinessObjects. APOS solutions are built to automate, simplify, complement, enhance and extend the capabilities of your BI system. 

You implement BI to optimize your business processes. You implement these APOS solutions to optimize your BI processes.

APOS Administrator

Agile BI Platform Management for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Administrator provides administrative capabilities that automate, simplify, complement and enhance SAP BusinessObjects' document instance and object management and scheduling features:

  • Suitable for BI solution architects, BI platform managers, BI technicians and SAP BusinessObjects power users
  • Saves valuable administrative time by automating and streamlining tasks and reducing human error
  • Provides the agility and flexibility needed to meet the changing needs of enterprise information consumers

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APOS Insight

System Monitoring and Auditing for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Insight provides enhanced metadata management, system monitoring, and timely alerts, helping administrators and platform managers meet the business intelligence needs of information consumers across the enterprise. Insight's metadata management features complement SAP BusinessObjects' Audit and MDM applications by:

  • Providing both statistical and functional analysis of all SAP BusinessObjects services
  • Issuing threshold-driven alerts
  • Initiating automated remedial activities
  • Insight monitors and audits your SAP BusinessObjects services from outside, ensuring that such monitoring and auditing is not compromised by problems within the system.

Insight's auditing capabilities provides "slice in time" or snapshot view of what is happening in your system, showing you not just which reports have run, but the parameters used to run them, and provides valuable information about the integrity of your BI system.

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APOS Insight Elements

APOS Insight Elements lets you understand clearly the status of the key building blocks in your Business Objects system. Use slice-in-time views of your SAP BusinessObjects deployment to gather complete inventories and statistics:

  • Inventory all objects, including report objects, user group objects, folders, categories, and business view objects
  • Use object data to compare historical folder/object structures from different points in time
  • Inventory all report schedules within the system
  • Use schedule data to determine peak server usage as a step toward optimizing server performance
  • Inventory all report instances within the system
  • Use instance data to determine report usage patterns and know which reports are used the most, and which are rarely used
  • Look at the processing activity for a particular time and day and compare that processing activity with other times and days to form a picture of bursts, if they exist, and to reduce processing bottlenecks
  • Use inventories and analysis to initiate a systematic clean-up of your BI deployment to plan for migration, safeguard the health of your system, and prepare for growth.

APOS Insight Elements is a great first step in understanding your SAP BusinessObjects system, and a great help as you work toward a progressive BI strategy and a well managed BI deployment.
Try it. It's free.

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APOS Intelligent Data Access Controller (IDAC)

Monitor, Manage and Audit BI Data Connectivity

The APOS Intelligent Data Access Controller (IDAC) lets you see who is doing what, where and when, and lets you interact remotely with these processes. The multi-threaded IDAC processes log BI query metadata to achieve tight monitoring and control of query processes between your BI system and numerous data sources.

  • Monitor and audit BI queries
  • Manage BI queries automatically and manually
  • Integrate with premium databases / data warehouses such as Teradata

The IDAC metadata monitoring solution provides actionable deep intelligence of system use.

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APOS Storage Center

Archive & Selective Restore for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Storage Center automates the archive and restore functions in your SAP BusinessObjects deployment, helping you to manage the document lifecycle, safeguard data privacy, and achieve regulatory compliance. It provides:

  • Automatic backup, selective restore, and versioning
  • Both online and offline storage capabilities, letting you balance disk space, performance and audit requirements
  • Extract and export features that simplify the migration of instances between BusinessObjects deployments
  • Storage Center should be a key ingredient in any BusinessObjects disaster recovery plan.

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APOS Publisher

Bursting & Distribution for SAP BusinessObjects

APOS Publisher is a complete SAP BusinessObjects publishing solution for organizations with complex distribution requirements with multiple report format and destination types. APOS Publisher extends the capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects through:

  • Robust bursting management
  • Post-processing distribution service
  • Report package management
  • Report compression and encryption
  • Assured delivery

Publisher automates these tasks while providing personalized reporting to your information consumers.

SAP BusinessObjects platform managers and technicians value the flexibility and agility that Publisher's custom properties, flags and settings add to their scheduling, bursting and distribution efforts.

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APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence

The new semantic layer and UNX universe introduced in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 is a complete semantic layer redesign. While BI 4 allows you to keep using the old UNV universe, you will want to move to the UNX universe sooner rather than later to take advantage of its new features and to align your BI deployment with the future of BI. the APOS Migrator lets you convert a UNV universe to a UNX universe and repoint Web Intelligence reports to the new UNX universe in a single, two-phase operation. The APOS Migrator logs the conversion process and any issues that arise.

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APOS Migration Accelerator Products

Migrating to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4? APOS has a set of Migration Accelerator products to automate the most time-intensive, labor-intensive, and potentially error-prone migration tasks, such as UNX Universe conversion, Web Intelligence report repointing, and Crystal Reports migration.

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APOS Live Data Gateway

Unlock live data with the APOS Live Data Gateway solution. SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Lumira, and SAP Analysis Office are powerful tools for analysis and presentation of business intelligence. The APOS Live Data Gateway makes these SAP solutions even more powerful through extended live data connectivity.

The APOS Live Data Gateway is a data connection and data transformation solution that enables live data connectivity and expanded data source options for SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Lumira, and SAP Analysis Office.

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APOS Validation Manager

The greater the volume and complexity of your BI content, the more time- and labor-intensive the testing requirements for migrations and upgrades. Validation Manager automates regression testing, allowing you to simplify validation of SAP BI content's appearance, functionality, and calculations.

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