APOS .NET Plug-in for Web Intelligence

The APOS .NET plug-in allows users to schedule SAP® BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence® reports from .NET application. Use this plug-in to set prompt and format defaults, and to reconstruct prompts on the fly from .NET applications.

Scheduling Web Intelligence Reports from .NET Applications

If you need to schedule Web Intelligence reports from a .NET application, the APOS .NET plug-in will help you to:

  • List the prompts in the report
  • Read and set the list of values for each prompt
  • Read and set the format (WID, PDF, XLS, CSV)
  • Set additional flags for the report

Managing Defaults in Web Intelligence Objects from .NET Applications

If you need to save default settings for Web Intelligence objects in SAP BusinessObjects from a .NET application, the APOS .NET plug-in will help you to:

  • Set default prompt values
  • Set a default format (WID, PDF, XLS, CSV)
  • Set additional flags for the report

On-the-Fly Web Intelligence Prompt Reconstruction

When you create a new Web Intelligence report, or update an existing report, the prompt information on the InfoObject in the SAP BusinessObjects system becomes unavailable. The prompt collection has no prompts in it, which makes it hard to handle prompts in the report.

The APOS .NET plug-in lets you schedule Web Intelligence reports from .Net applications using on-the-fly prompt reconstruction. You can also set the default prompt values or format for the report object itself instead of scheduling, or reconstruct the prompt collection on the object for later use. It can:

  • Tell you whether the prompts for a Web Intelligence object are incomplete or in need of repair
  • Repair the incomplete prompt information

Pricing and Deployment Options

Deployment options:

  • Deployment License - $5000 (unlimited developer licenses and unlimited applications for use in a single end-customer SAP BusinessObjects deployment)
  • Multi-Site Deployment License / ISV - call for details.

Maintenance options:

  • 30 Day Maintenance - Free
  • Extended Annual Maintenance - $1000 per year – unlimited number of developers

In force Software Maintenance provides Technical Support + new version upgrades.

You can download the software and review the help file here.

Free Evaluation: to request a 15 day free evaluation license click here.

Software download, technical help file, and evaluation licensing will be provided to you.

For purchase instructions or ISV pricing details, please email webiplugin@apos.com or call 1-519-894-2767, extensions 220 or 215.

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