SCN Blog Posts on SAP Lumira & Web Intelligence

Review our blog series featuring interviews with SAP's Ty Miller, Frank Prabel, Adrian Westmoreland, Gregory Botticchio and more.

We recently also published summary articles to the main SAP site:

Read the individual blog posts:

  1. Web Intelligence, Lumira and the SAP BI Convergence Strategy
    The relationship between Web Intelligence and Lumira, and where they fit moving forward within the SAP BI convergence strategy.
  2. The Future of Web Intelligence and Lumira Interoperability
    Interoperability is the key to effective and efficient workflows. How can you combine the radically different approaches to data used by Lumira and Web Intelligence?
  3. Lumira Server for the Trusted SAP BI Platform
    How your Lumira projects inherit all of the trust inherent in the SAP BI platform.
  4. Lumira Server for the BI Platform & BW Connectivity
    Effective BW connectivity has been high on the wish lists of Lumira users, because this connectivity is needed to create visualizations in Lumira to compare BW historical data against non-BW sources.
  5. Lumira and the SAP BusinessObjects Edge Edition
    What are the options for deploying SAP Lumira with the SAP BusinessObjects Edge Edition?
  6. Design Studio or Lumira?
    Professionally authored vs. self-service BI.
  7. Lumira Server for the BI Platform
    Making Lumira easier to support, and also easier to use in concert with other BI  platform components


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