On the Road(map) Again – SAP BusinessObjects

Regrouping for Your SAP BusinessObjects Future & Doing More with Less

Solution Icon Thursday, September 28, 2023 - 11 am EDT

There was a notable degree of uncertainty in the SAP BusinessObjects roadmap in recent years as SAP evolved its BI and Analytics strategy, but there is now a clear and future-focused plan for SAP BusinessObjects in place. While SAP Analytics Cloud is the primary element of that roadmap, SAP has recommitted to their SAP BusinessObjects customers with a strong go-forward plan, including important support timeline extensions and an important new platform release that is upcoming. With this recommitment by SAP, it is time for customers to regroup and re-establish their SAP BusinessObjects deployment plans.

If your organization is like many of our customers, SAP’s re-defined roadmap is bringing renewed attention and enthusiasm for the road ahead with your SAP BusinessObjects deployment. Organizations are refreshing their plans with how they can best position themselves for continued BI value from their existing BI assets. Whether they see SAP BusinessObjects as their primary BI strategy or as a parallel BI solution, customers are wanting to plan their next steps and define wise investment into their SAP BusinessObjects deployment – all for the purpose of optimizing BI results and driving ongoing BI value.

The Road Ahead

On September 21, we will host SAP’s Patrick Sims in a webinar on The Road Ahead for SAP BusinessObjects. That session will clarify where SAP BusinessObjects is going, and this session is dedicated to clarifying how you can get there effectively, with a minimum of stress on your resources.

Unless your organization has been highly proactive with your BI deployment, there are probably some aspects of the maintenance, management, and roadmap readiness of your SAP BusinessObjects system that deserve attention and action. This session will help to bring those topics into focus and look at how to advance your system.

What You Will Learn

This session will examine topics to consider as you prepare for your SAP BusinessObjects future:

  • Roadmap Reassessment – a review of the latest roadmap update and the key points for consideration
  • Right-Sizing Your BI Deployment – optimizing your deployment by rationalizing, reducing and restructuring
  • Maintaining & Increasing the Efficiency of Your BI Deployment – using automation effectively to do more with less
  • Adopting the UNX Universe – converting UNV to UNX, repointing and validating reports
  • Migration Preparation – forming and acting upon deep system knowledge

This is a live webinar, so please come with your questions as there will be Q&A.

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Allan Pym, Chief Operating Officer, APOS

Alan Golding, Solution Consulting Manager, APOS

Fred Walther, Senior Solution Consultant, APOS


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