Webinar -
Right-Sizing SAP BusinessObjects for Your Next Step

When: Thursday, January 14. 2021 - 10 am / 2 pm EST

In a recent webinar, we talked about how you can streamline your move to hybrid BI & analytics. One of the critical pieces in this move is right-sizing your SAP BusinessObjects environment to allow you to embrace a hybrid future.

Right-sizing your SAP BusinessObjects environment is important regardless of whether you are moving to hybrid or continuing to focus on your on-premise BI . To ensure your system runs efficiently and cost-effectively, you should:

  • Rationalize – Assess necessary and unnecessary content, users, licenses and infrastructure.
  • Reduce – Find and remove unnecessary uses and content from the system.
  • Restructure – Make your infrastructure and licensing fit your needs.

This webinar will highlight APOS products that can help you achieve your right-sizing objectives. Learn how to automate system cleanup, and much more.