View the Extend Analytics Content with Broadcasting and Publishing Webinar Series

The Extend Analytics Content webinar series focuses on automated, data-driven processes for broadcasting personalized SAP Analytics Cloud reports to end users.
This series of webinars includes:


Technical Deep Dive into APOS Publisher for Cloud

This session will give you insight into how customers are using APOS Publisher for Cloud with SAP Analytics Cloud to solve specific needs and challenges as we demonstrate key use cases in action.

  • Solution Technical Overview
  • Tailored PDF documents individually and dynamically filtered per recipient
  • Migrating SAP BusinessObjects Publications to SAC
  • Broadcasting SAP Datasphere-based reports
  • What’s coming soon?
    • Analysis for Office scheduling capabilities
    • WEB UI scheduling interface


Ignite Analytics – Automated SAP Analytics Cloud Report Broadcasting

This session will give you a clear view into how APOS Publisher for Cloud delivers on enterprise-level report broadcasting and distribution requirements, as well as an update on our plans for support for broadcasting Analysis for Office content and a new web-based user interface for scheduling:

  • Data-driven dynamic broadcasting
  • Report broadcast destinations
  • Multiple format options
  • Consolidation of multiple reports
  • Custom scheduling
  • SAP BW & Datasphere user-based broadcasting
  • High availability; Distributed processing
  • Security & administration
  • New scheduling Web UI
  • Support for broadcasting Analysis for Office content


Distribution of Tailored Content

In this webinar we discuss ways in which you can use APOS Publisher for Cloud to extend SAP Analytics Cloud story publishing, including extended formats and destinations, scheduling, broadcasting, and selective page distribution.

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Secure & Conditional SAC Publishing

In this webinar, we look at how you can further extend analytics content access with:

  • Conditional broadcasting – automatically alert users when business conditions change
  • Securing and Protecting Content – distribute sensitive information securely
  • Archival of Instances for Governance – meet internal audit and regulatory requirements for information distribution

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Flexible SAP Analytics Cloud Broadcasting & Publishing for Countless Business Use Cases

APOS Publisher for Cloud provides the capabilitites you need to publish and broadcast the right information to the right people at the right time and in the right format. In this webinar, we discuss:

  • BEx Broadcast workflow replacement
  • Data driven SAC report bursting
  • Secure report distribution
  • Dynamic Flexibility
  • Reduced IT burden

...and much more.

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