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The Extend Analytics Data Connectivity webinar series focuses on direct, live connectivity from SAP Analytics Cloud to non-SAP data sources.
This series of webinars includes:


Technical Deep Dive into APOS Data Gateway

This special session is a deep dive into our APOS Data Gateway solution - including exciting new Import data connectivity options - with in-depth live demos and Q&A with our solution consultants. We demonstrate APOS Data Gateway through specific use cases that meet your non-SAP data connectivity needs for analytics and planning scenarios.

Live Data Connectivity – How to:

  • Create Views against SAP Analytics Cloud modelling using Data Gateway's Data Preparation Layer
  • Select SAP Analytics Cloud as the target for live connectivity
  • Select non-SAP data assets as the source for live connectivity
  • Map tables between source and target

Import Data Connectivity – How to:

  • Create and configure connections
  • Create Views on data models with Freehand SQL using Data Gateway's Data Preparation Layer
  • Create ETL definitions mapping source and target tables for ETL loads (full and/or incremental)
  • Schedule ETL loads



Ignite Analytics: New Connectivity Options for SAP Analytics Cloud to non-SAP Data Sources

This session explores how to leverage the value of expanded live data connectivity with APOS Data Gateway, along with exciting new import data connectivity options, including:

  • New product announcement!
    • New! Expanded and simplified options to Import data into SAC for Planning (most data sources – incl. Salesforce, SharePoint, CSV)
    • New! Extract data from SAC for Import into a wide range of data sources
    • New! Strategic data movement from all supported sources into target relational databases
    • Coming soon! Extract data on a schedule to various destinations for regulatory requirements and other needs
  • How to leverage non-SAP data assets from your:
    • Cloud data environments, such as Snowflake, Databricks, Google, AWS, and Azure
    • Relational sources such as SQL, Oracle, Teradata and DB2
    • And many more sources
  • Expanded live capabilities of APOS Live Data Gateway, including:
    • Seamless security integration - SSO, OAuth
    • Self-service modelling, and management of modelling assets
    • Data transformations: geospatial, dimensions, hierarchies, prompts


Live Data Analytics – Unlock New Value and Insight

Using live data analytics, you can examine the current state of your enterprise data at any time, regardless of where that data is stored. APOS Live Data Gateway provides virtualized data connectivity to connect SAP Analytics Cloud and other analytics solutions to relational and OLAP, cloud-based or on-premise data assets, and even application-based data sources such as SAP Ariba.

This session discusses:

  • Why do so many organizations prefer live data connectivity?
  • How does live data access deliver expanded value?
  • How can you leverage live data from non-SAP sources with SAP Analytics Cloud?
  • How can both self-service and governance be achieved with live data connectivity?

...and more.


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High-Performance Connectivity to Cloud Data Sources

This session demonstrates the great efficiency and performance benefits of direct, live connectivity from SAP Analytics Cloud to non-SAP data sources. Topics include:

  • Leverage data assets from your cloud data environments, such as Snowflake, Azure, AWS and Google
  • Leverage data from relational sources such as SQL, Oracle and DB2
  • Leverage OLAP sources such as Azure Analysis Services
  • Leverage data from your SAP applications such as SAP Ariba
  • Leverage DirectQuery connectivity to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud from Power BI

...and much more.


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Simplify Analytics for SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba, SAP’s Intelligent Spend Management solution integrates procurement from end to end, which makes it a rich data environment for analytics. This webinar will:

  • Review options for connecting to SAP Ariba from SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Consider key challenges related to Ariba connection options
  • Establish a live mode connection to Ariba data
  • Simplify Ariba data with a sharable, business-oriented, semantic layer


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Unified Data Access

This webinar looks at ways you can use APOS Live Data Gateway and APOS Semantic Layer Migrator to extend and unify data access, including:

  • Import data for SAC Planning
  • Live and Import connections for Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA
  • Leverage Live Data Gateway connections and semantic layer with non-SAP BI solutions
  • Translate SAP BI Universes into the Live Data Gateway semantic layer

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Unlock Live Data

This webinar looks at using APOS Live Data Gateway to:

  • Connect to relational data sources – on-premise or Cloud
  • Connect to OLAP data sources
  • Perform Self-service data modelling
  • Connectivity and data modelling use cases


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