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The Flashes of Insight webinar series demonstrates ways you can simplify administration and governance of your on-premise SAP BusinessObjects deployment. This series of webinars includes:

SAP BI Change Management

This session focuses on APOS Insight, with its recently expanded capabilities, and specifically how it can help you manage changes within your system related to:

  • Report Structure Changes – track and validate report changes
  • BI Operating Environment Changes – track the impact of environmental change
  • BI System Security Changes –create a comprehensive security picture to manage security policy and structure change

...and much more.

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SAP BusinessObjects Performance Analysis

This webinar discusses and demonstrates ways you can use APOS Insight to monitor, analyze and optimize SAP BusinessObjects performance. You will learn about:

  • Report and Query Performance
  • Report Schedule Monitoring
  • BI Environment Performance, including Server Infrastructure
  • BI System Performance including all SAP BusinessObjectsService KPIs
  • BI System Monitoring and System Health notifications
...and much more.

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Usage Analysis for SAP BusinessObjects

Understanding system usage is key to BI system planning as well as day-to-day operational prioritization. APOS Insight establishes a deep and rich BI system metadata repository that allows you to analyze user activity, information consumption patterns, and license and session activity.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Report usage
  • User activity/License usage
  • Hardware/Server utilization
...and much more.

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Automated Report Testing for SAP BusinessObjects

Content validation is a necessary step in the implementation of new versions and SPs of SAP BusinessObjects. Automated report testing ensures your reports stay the same through environmental changes (database, universe, operating system/software upgrades), compliance, upgrade testing, and day to day testing, while eliminating much of the drudgery of this part of the process.

This webinar discusses:

  • Regression Testing
  • Upgrade/Migration Testing
  • Report Modification Governance

...and much more.

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SAP BusinessObjects Query Management and Governance

This session examines the topics of report query management and governance for SAP BusinessObjects, and continues our “Flashes of Insight” webinar series.

In this session, see how APOS Insight can help you:

  • Gain visibility into the performance of your BI queries
  • Manage and automate controls over long-running queries
  • Audit the details of your BI queries, and understand who is executing the queries
  • Track the usage of sensitive data
  • Fulfill all the points above without reliance on your DBA team

...and more.

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Impact Analysis for SAP BusinessObjects

As data structure changes are being planned or implemented, it is important to know what BI content will be or has been affected by those changes, whether internally driven, or a result of externally driven changes in a third-party application (healthcare EHR systems, for example).

In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Foresee and measure the impact of any data source changes with detailed metadata to record system content changes
  • Which reports and universes will be affected by database schema changes?
  • Which reports will be affected by modification of objects in universes
  • Foresee and measure the impact of environmental changes
  • Use impact analysis to achieve regulatory/internal control compliance and to accelerate EHR upgrades

...and more.

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