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The Simplify SAP BusinessObjects Upgrade webinar series focuses on solutions that simplify and automate many key processes for a successful SAP BusinessObjects migration.
This series of webinars includes:


Pre-Migration Planning

This webinar looks at techniques you can employ during the pre-migration or upgrade planning stage to mitigate risk, and to simplify and automate your activities.

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Migration Execution

In this webinar we discuss activities to assist in efficient and effective migration execution, including:

  • Migrating content – moving reports, universes, users, groups & security settings
  • Simplifying & optimizing – excluding unused reports, combining similar reports, adjusting BI licensing, converting to UNX universes
  • Securing & protectingsetting folder security by user group, implementing a content backup & restore strategy
  • Creating validation projects implement your test plan using

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Post-Migration Validation & Optimization

Once you have successfully upgraded your BI system, you need to focus on testing, validating, and optimizing your deployment. In this webinar, we discuss activities such as:

  • Validating data connectivity
  • Validating & optimizing security structures
  • Validating recurring schedules
  • Validating content
  • Performance analysis & stress testing

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