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The Simplify SAP BusinessObjects Upgrade webinar series focuses on solutions that simplify and automate many key processes for a successful SAP BusinessObjects migration.
This series of webinars includes:


Pre-Migration Planning

This webinar looks at techniques you can employ during the pre-migration or upgrade planning stage to mitigate risk, and to simplify and automate your activities.

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Migration Execution

In this webinar we discuss activities to assist in efficient and effective migration execution, including:

  • Migrating content – moving reports, universes, users, groups & security settings
  • Simplifying & optimizing – excluding unused reports, combining similar reports, adjusting BI licensing, converting to UNX universes
  • Securing & protectingsetting folder security by user group, implementing a content backup & restore strategy
  • Creating validation projects implement your test plan using

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Post-Migration Validation & Optimization

Once you have successfully upgraded your BI system, you need to focus on testing, validating, and optimizing your deployment. In this webinar, we discuss activities such as:

  • Validating data connectivity
  • Validating & optimizing security structures
  • Validating recurring schedules
  • Validating content
  • Performance analysis & stress testing

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MOVE IT OR LOSE IT! Automating Your Upgrade to UNX Universes

Along with a mini-update from SAP’s Patrick Sims (SAP BTP Global Center of Excellence) for the latest BusinessObjects news, this session will focus on how APOS Web Intelligence Migrator can help you automate and accelerate your UNX conversion and Web Intelligence repointing. We will demonstrate how the planning and execution of your upgrade does not need to be intimidating.

  • What is the latest news about the SAP BusinessObjects Roadmap?
  • Why upgrade to UNX now?
  • What are the challenges you will face upgrading to UNX?
  • How does automation make this project achievable?
  • How does APOS automation allow you to control the process confidently?


Technical Deep Dive – Automated Streamlining & Right-Sizing of Your SAP BusinessObjects Deployment

APOS technologies automate the initial and ongoing system right-sizing processes, which bring future-focused efficiency and order to SAP BusinessObjects deployments.

This technical session will look closely at the APOS mechanisms and best practices to automate these processes, with topics including:

  • Best practices with frequency
  • Best practices for managing database sizing and maintenance
  • Backup & restore objects
  • Backup & restore instances
  • Automated system cleanup configuration
  • Disaster recovery
  • System replication/Large scale promotion
  • How it all helps with migrations and upgrades


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