The adoption of Cloud-based analytics and the need for access to a wide variety of data sources have made data connectivity top of mind in organizations pursuing a progressive BI & analytics strategy.

APOS Well Managed BI & Analytics data connectivity products can greatly simplify the process of developing data connectivity within your organization, expanding and unifying your data modelling, connectivity and consumption options.

APOS Live Data Gateway

The APOS Live Data Gateway is a powerful data connection and data transformation solution that simplifies and streamlines data access for your analytics projects using OData, JDBC and ODBC methods to to stream data from an extensive range of live data sources into SAP solutions.

It provides:

  • Unified Data Connectivity - Access relational, OLAP, Cloud, and Hadoop data using a single connection mechanism
  • Universal Semantic Layer - Provide easily consumed data models for all your data assets
  • Governed Data Connectivity - Control the data elements users can access
  • Democratized Self-Service BI - Simplify data access for all users without database/IT knowledge
  • Self-Service Data Modelling - Easily build and share views on your data for agile data modelling
  • Agile Data Discovery - Broaden and speed access to new data for discovery without burdening IT resources

APOS Universe Modelling Migration Accelerator (UMMA)

UMMA is a conversion solution that automates the translation of SAP BusinessObjects data modelling logic into data modelling logic for use with analytics solutions, such as SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP HANA. It allows you to leverage the accrued value of your SAP BusinessObjects data modelling logic to simplify the creation of data modelling logic in SAP HANA.

APOS UMMA automates the data modelling process by extracting SQL statements from your Web Intelligence reports and translating them into SAP HANA Calculation Views, which HANA uses to model data for SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and other Analytics solutions, whether Cloud-based or On-Premise.

Use UMMA to

  • Leverage your deep investment in SAP BI system data modelling logic
  • Leverage your SAP HANA investment
  • Run SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud in parallel efficiently

Expanding Data Modelling Capabilities

You can also use the APOS Live Data Gateway and APOS UMMA together to greatly expand your data modelling translation capabilities, reducing time to value and providing flexibility for a wide range of business processes other than Analytics that need to access numerous data sources.

Together, these solutions promote faster and more responsive ad hoc / self-service BI for dramatically reduced time to insight.


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