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APOS Security Manager

Simplified Security Management for SAP BusinessObjects

The APOS Security Manager simplifies security management environment for SAP BusinessObjects. It allows you to:

  • Administer and document security
  • Administer and document content
  • Manage and compare multiple environments

The APOS Security Manager works with SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1 and BI 4.x.


  • Time savings - through centralized, bulk management of:
    • User preferences
    • Security
    • Users
    • User groups
    • Limits
  • Consistent application of security policies
  • Ease of use


  • Manage security rights within a matrix
  • Use SAP BusinessObjects Trusted Authentication for administrative user impersonation; log in as specific user in BI Launchpad, view reports as specific user, examine security down to row level, provide user support
  • Bulk modification of rights
  • Modify groups and users
  • Modify user properties in bulk
  • Import and update users from CSV and XML files
  • Import and update users from database
  • Advanced cross folder search interface
  • Manage high volumes of data
  • Manage environments with a high volume of user groups and users
  • Compare environments (security and content); document differences within Excel
  • Manage SAP BusinessObjects applications security
  • Manage limits assignments in bulk
  • Manage security and content with multiple CMSs
  • Manage user preferences in bulk
  • Generate Excel security matrices (export to CSV, XML)
  • Document explicitly applied rights
  • Query repository on the fly
  • Copy group membership for new or existing users
  • Create access levels for advanced rights
  • Create access levels from existing advanced rights
  • Search for reports by processing extension
  • Search for reports by data connection information

APOS Security Manager provides advanced security, limits, preference, user, and user group management capabilities that will automate and simplify many of your SAP BusinessObjects administrative tasks.

Room to Grow

APOS Security Manager helps you be proactive on security issues, but if you find your requirements growing, there is a clear upgrade path to APOS Administrator, a solution with significantly more breadth of functionality. APOS Administrator includes expanded object management, instance management, schedule management, as well as structured content promotion capabilities.

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