APOS Administrator -
Bulk Instance Management

APOS Administrator enhances the administrator's SAP BusinessObjects instance management capabilities. It provides the ability to analyze the report instance environment as a whole, and automates instance management processes, helping you to work more efficiently, reduce human error, and save time.

Administrator's automation helps you manage instances more efficiently, reduce human error, save time, and avoid crises. You can manage proactively to meet service level and regulatory requirements. Use Instance Manager to:

  • See and manage your entire instance inventory
  • Work with multiple instances simultaneously
  • Perform granular search by properties (status, owner, Report ID)
  • Stop, pause, release and reschedule high volumes of instances
  • Respond rapidly and in bulk to report failure scenarios

APOS Administrator instance management benefits include:

  • Reduction of human error
  • Reliability
  • Operational efficiency
  • Time savings
  • Crisis management/avoidance
  • Automation

SSA Santa Clara County\

APOS Instance Manager has been a key tool to move all the CMC schedules when we upgrade our server.

Brett Lambert, Database Administrator, Design Resources Inc.

SSA Santa Clara County


You can search document instances by:

  • Status - All, Running, Success, Failure, Paused, Pending
  • Enterprise Folder Name/ID
  • Report Name/ID
  • Instance ID
  • Instance Owner
  • Category
  • Date/Date Range/Time Range

APOS Administrator's "rescheduling with edit" capabilities let you select a group of report instances that have already been run, edit specific instance properties such as database login, destination, format, schedule and events, then reschedule the instances.

You can:

  • Reschedule
  • Reschedule with Edit
  • Pause Running document instances
  • Release Paused document instances
  • Delete document instances
  • Print document instances
  • Re-scan for document instances
  • Copy document instances to folder
  • Export instance properties to CSV
  • Automatically Export instance properties to CSV
  • Export properties to CSV/XML file for APOS InfoScheduler
  • View instance properties
  • Copy document instances to network
  • Search Enterprise folder structure for document instances
  • Reset folder cache
  • Save column order
  • Select all document instances
  • Use date selection on the client
  • Print list
  • Refresh instance list

APOS Administrator simplifies, automates, enhances and extends SAP BusinessObjects instance management capabilities.

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