APOS Administrator -
Bulk Scheduling

The APOS Administrator solution is an easy-to-use bulk scheduling and tracking application. Its BI report scheduling capabilities enable line-of-business power users to simplify and automate SAP BusinessObjects administration tasks. APOS Administrator's agility and flexibility complement and extend the administrative functionality of SAP BusinessObjects. Use APOS Administrator to:

  • Create and execute report schedules in high-volume
  • Create and edit multiple schedule properties at once
  • Update and repeat schedules with bulk schedule templates
  • Draw schedule properties and security from external data sources

Key benefits of APOS Administrator's bulk report scheduling include:

  • Ease of use
  • Time savings through batch scheduling and rescheduling
  • Agility in disaster recovery and crisis management
  • Flexibility
  • Speed and volume of scheduling
  • Powerful search capabilities using custom properties
  • Migration mapping, instance exporting

Bulk Report Scheduling for Power Users

APOS Administrator's bulk report scheduling capabilities are ideal for line-of-business power users. The familiar, Excel-based interface, and the speed and simplicity it brings to the process of rescheduling, make it attractive to users throughout the enterprise, and essential to many enterprise processes such as budgeting.

For example:

  • Accountants may need to build, test, tweak and distribute complex reports during the budgeting process.
  • IT power users use InfoScheduler as a batch bursting and recovery tool.
  • Management power users use it to schedule reports to themselves.

APOS Administrator's bulk report scheduling for SAP BusinessObjects simplifies such tasks greatly.

SSA Santa Clara County\

By using APOS InfoScheduler, our company cuts the time to edit hundreds of scheduled sales rep emails from hours to minutes.

Brett Lambert, Database Administrator, Design Resources Inc.

SSA Santa Clara County


APOS Administrator is the leading SAP BusinessObjects bulk report scheduling solution. It lets you:

  • Choose from a broad range of scheduling options – immediately; once only; recurring hourly, daily, weekly, monthly; on a specified day of the week; on the nth day of a month; on the xth day of the nth week of the month; according to a BOE Calendar; on behalf of another BOE user;
  • Choose from a broad range of destination options – to a default repository; to email; to FTP; to an unmanaged disk
  • Use specified database settings
  • Use email alerts, notifications
  • Schedule to a Printer with options
  • Specify a wide range of parameters
  • Schedule based on Events
  • Schedule using an alternate User
  • Specify the number of retries and the retry Interval
  • Schedule by server groups
  • Schedule with Custom Property Names and Values
  • Import email addresses from Outlook or Exchange
  • Search for a report or instance and inherit settings
  • Import and export schedules via XML

APOS Administrator's speed and flexibility help you meet daily SAP BusinessObjects bulk report scheduling requirements, and react more quickly to scheduling emergencies.

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