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APOS Data Gateway

Extended Data Connectivity for SAP Lumira

The APOS Data Gateway is a data connection and data transformation solution which provides extended data source and data volume options for SAP Lumira. It also enables enhanced interoperability with BI components across the SAP landscape. The APOS Data Gateway for SAP Lumira allows you to connect Lumira to any relational data source.

Extended Data Source, Data Volume Options

For those who have begun to develop in Lumira, you will have faced the "New Dataset" dialog that lets you choose from a variety of data sources. These data sources represent the most popular choices from across the SAP landscape, but they do not necessarily present all of the options that you need to achieve complete data discovery, exploration and visualization. This lack of choice may present barriers to full realization of the possibilities and promise of SAP Lumira.

Access to data is critical for data discovery, exploration and visualization, but you should also consider the business logic or rules used to inform these processes. The business logic that you use for data preparation in other parts of the SAP landscape, such as UNV and UNX universes, is an important factor in the delivery of a single version of the truth.

The APOS Data Gateway for SAP Lumira supports data discovery from an expanded range of trusted enterprise data sources, including data from any database. It provides this support through three key components:

  • Direct Data Connector
  • Relational Grid
  • Identity Controller

APOS Data Gateway Direct Data Connector

The Direct Data Connector lets you connect to any relational database using either of the following connection types:

  • Dynamic connection - sending a SQL statement of your construction or choice to the database
  • Stored Query connnection - using a pre-configured query with parameters

The Direct Data Connector lets you acquire any data from any relational database and use aggregate queries to speed data acquisition.

Relational Grid

The APOS Data Gateway's Relational Grid lets you bring an unlimited amout of relational data into Lumira, overcoming the solution's current limits on relational data, and displays that data with great speed — high relational data volume at high speed.

Identity Controller

The APOS Data Gateway Identity Controller allows dashboard design to be driven by flexible row-level security. It determines the components and data that appear in a dashboard according to the SAP BusinessObjects user logging in to view the dashboard.

What this means in practice is that designers can use SAP BusinessObjects Groups to customize dashboards, a feature that is quite valuable in multi-tenancy environments.

APOS Data Gateway Server

The APOS Data Gateway for SAP Lumira uses the APOS Data Gateway Server to process data. The Direct Data Connector resides on the desktop and the APOS Data Gateway Server connects, with authentication, and using SAP BusinessObjects SDKs, to the selected databases within the SAP BusinessIObjects environment.

APOS Data Gateway Lumira

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office & APOS Data Gateway

Use the APOS Data Gateway to leverage Analysis for Office documents and instances as data sources for other SAP applications such as Lumira. Using the APOS Data Gateway, you can have Lumira automatically pick up the latest Analysis for Office intstances and use them as data sources.