Translate SAP BI Modelling to a Universal Semantic Layer

APOS Live Data Gateway Universal Semantic Layer

APOS Semantic Layer Migration Service allows you to leverage the assets developed in SAP BusinessObjects data modelling logic in creative new ways. As you advance your future Analytics projects, you can leverage those BI modelling assets by translating your SAP BusinessObjects data modelling logic into an independent semantic layer. That independent semantic layer exists and functions within a broader data connectivity solution that unifies data access to serve a wide range of Analytics needs.

The independent semantic layer is a key aspect of the APOS Live Data Gateway, which is a data connection and data transformation solution which enables live data connectivity and expanded data source options for Analytics needs. Built with a primary focus of providing live connection from SAP Analytics Cloud to a wide range of non-SAP data sources, the Live Data Gateway has expanded to unify data connectivity methods for much broader Analytics requirements within technologies such as SAP HANA and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, but also to any Analytics consumer, via OData, JDBC, and ODBC.

Why You Need APOS Semantic Layer Migration for APOS Live Data Gateway

Your SAP BusinessObjects investment


Value accrued in your data modelling


Immediate value in your new Analytics environment

Reduce time to data modelling value

Faster and more responsive ad hoc / self-service BI for dramatically reduced time to insight

Leverage your well-developed SAP BI deployment with universes

Leverage the existing modeling in your SAP BI Universes

Complement your BI and advance your Analytics processes within new Analytics technologies such as SAP Analytics Cloud

Ensure your deployment and BI & Analytics team are moving forward with technology that provides a path toward the platform of the future

Provide flexibility for a wide range of business processes other than Analytics that need to access numerous data sources

APOS Views - a Universal Semantic Layer

The independent semantic layer in Live Data Gateway is referred to as an APOS View.  The APOS Semantic Layer Migration Service translates your SAP BusinessObjects Universes to APOS Views.  Since these Universes represent a crucial BI asset with years of modelling time invested, the generation of APOS Views from your Universes offers a significant opportunity to leverage your investment to meet new Analytics requirements.

APOS Semantic Layer Migration translates Universe logic to APOS View logic to:

  • Define what data fields are exposed
  • Define Measures and Dimensions
  • Manage table links and joins
  • Set meaningful field names
  • Define and secure who can access specific data

Develop SAP Analytics Cloud Stories with APOS Live Data Gateway Views

The APOS Semantic Layer Migration Service can also generate APOS Views from the SQL statements within your Web Intelligence report objects. Experienced SQL users can also use APOS Freehand SQL Views for extended functionality such as inner / outer joins, alias tables, and calculated dimensions.

The APOS Semantic Layer Migration Service will leverage the structure and logic of an existing Universe to create an APOS Semantic Layer View with replicated modelling logic.  APOS Semantic Layer Migration Service can also leverage the SQL from target Web Intelligence reports to create APOS Freehand SQL Views that are linked back to the source database, based on the captured SQL.  A Freehand SQL View captures a single SQL statement and makes that data available to SAP Analytics Cloud whereas a Semantic Layer View generates SQL on the fly based on the tables and views in it and the measures and dimensions that the user chooses in SAP Analytics Cloud.

The result of this Service provides a list of APOS views that reflect the business usage of the source database.  The APOS Views that Semantic Layer Migration Service will yield can then be used to develop stories in SAP Analytics Cloud, or other analytics applications.


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