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APOS Live Data Gateway

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Expanded, Simplified & Unified Data Connectivity
Across the SAP Solution Landscape

The SAP solution landscape is rich with the functionality you need to operate, analyze, predict and plan your organization’s course, but that landscape has to be populated by your enterprise data to be effective. That data may reside within disparate data sources and be associated with numerous proprietary applications, making connectivity to live data a challenge.

The APOS Live Data Gateway solution expands, simplifies and unifies your data connectivity and data consumption options across the SAP solution landscape, using OData, JDBC and ODBC methods to stream data from an extensive range of live data sources into SAP solutions.

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Connecting the SAP Solution Landscape

The APOS Live Data Gateway expands, simplifies and unifies data connectivity to a large range of data sources, and consumption of that data (streamed or imported) by applications across your SAP solution landscape.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Stream or import/acquire data from a large range of data sources to populate your SAC stories.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Stream or import data from a large range of available data sources to Data Warehouse Cloud.



Stream or import data from a large range of data sources to your in-memory data platform.


SAP BusinessObjects

Expand connectivity options to be leveraged by your on-premise SAP BI deployment for your SAP Cloud solutions.


Expanded Live Data Connectivity

Using the APOS Live Data Gateway for expanded live data connectivity lets you:

  • Leverage data from its current location
  • Leverage existing data modelling and security models
  • Leverage a unified semantic layer
  • Simplify data movement processes
  • Work with data that is always current
  • Keep data behind the firewall
  • Reduce data storage requirements
  • Reduce data bandwidth requirements

Simplify Your Data Connectivity

Watch this video to see how simple it is to connect using the APOS Live Data Gateway:

APOS Live Data Gateway - SAP Data Warehouse Cloud - Google BigQuery

Connecting SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to Google BigQuery
with the APOS Live Data Gateway

Creating a Unified Semantic Layer – APOS Views

The APOS Live Data Gateway provides connectivity to a wide range of supported data sources, and the APOS Unified Semantic Layer provided by APOS Views provides a consistent view of your data.

APOS Views provide a semantic layer between your enterprise data sources and your SAP solutions, allowing you to establish measures and dimensions centrally, control and govern what data is exposed, address table links and joins, and apply meaningful business names to alias your data field names. The simplified data connection process enables easier report, dashboard and story creation by a broader range of users.

The APOS Live Data Gateway uses APOS Views to connect to the target data source creating a Unified Semantic Layer that provides a simplified and consistent connection point into the available data.

Freehand SQL Queries

Build your own freehand SQL queries. Test, save and share your queries so that your team can build reports, dashboards, and data transfer processes against them. APOS Live Data Gateway gives you maximum flexibility to access your data and increase self-serve capabilities.

Live Data Connectivity & Data Consumption Methods

Use the APOS Live Data Gateway's live data connectivity and data consumption methods to make your enterprise data sources available to your SAP solutions:

  • OData Data Consumption
  • JDBC Data Consumption

Learn more about APOS Live Data Gateway
live data connectivity & data consumption methods…

Importing Data

Although our solution is called the APOS Live Data Gateway, it is equally adept at serving data so that it can be used with your SAP solution databases. This data can also make use of the Unified Semantic Layer to make the data available consistently to all target solutions.

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