Translate SAP BI Data Modelling to SAP HANA Data Modelling

APOS Semantic Layer Migrator Hana Calculation Views

APOS Semantic Layer Migrator (UMMA) for SAP HANA allows you to leverage your investment in SAP BusinessObjects data modelling to realize value quickly from your SAP HANA investment.

There are significant differences between the way that SAP BusinessObjects and the target SAP HANA system model and organize data, but that does not mean you have to start the construction of your HANA data modelling logic from the beginning.

Why You Need APOS Semantic Layer Migrator for SAP HANA

Your SAP BusinessObjects investment


Value accrued in your data modelling


Immediate value within SAP HANA

Leverage your deep investment in SAP BI system data modelling logic

  • Translate SAP BI modelling logic to be available as HANA modelling
  • Create no disruption to SAP BI system

Leverage your SAP HANA investment

  • Native live connection
  • Advanced SAP Analytics Cloud feature support
  • Future-focused modelling environment

Run SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud in parallel efficiently

  • Each system addresses distinct needs in a Hybrid BI & Analytics system
  • Ongoing synchronization of modelling

Develop SAP Analytics Cloud Stories with SAP HANA Calculation Views

APOS Semantic Layer Migrator captures the SQL from target Web Intelligence reports, and creates HANA Calculation Views that are linked back to the source database, based on the captured SQL. This provides a list of calculation views that reflect the business usage of the source database. The HANA Calculation Views that Semantic Layer Migrator creates can be used to develop stories in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Using a direct connection from HANA to your BI Universes may create additional loads on your SAP BI infrastructure. By synchronizing SAP BI and HANA modelling and connecting directly to the data sources from SAP HANA, you avoid undue pressure on your SAP BI infrastructure and better realize the performance gains provided by in-memory data manipulation.

Gain performance improvements when connecting from SAC to HANA

Gain expanded SAP Analytics Cloud features when connecting from SAC to HANA

SAP Analytics Cloud is designed to take advantage of SAP HANA’s modelling and in-memory computing capabilities, making the connection between the two full-featured and more efficient and effective than other connection modes.

APOS Semantic Layer Migrator provides an automated, wizard-driven process to translate or transition your data modelling from SAP BusinessObjects to SAP HANA. Semantic Layer Migrator captures the data connections and data modelling logic from SAP BusinessObjects that connect to relational data sources, and replicates those data connections and that data modelling logic in SAP HANA data modelling logic.

APOS Semantic Layer Migrator derives important elements of your SAP BusinessObjects data modelling logic from SQL statements within your Web Intelligence report objects, and by extension from your SAP BusinessObjects Universes. Semantic Layer Migrator does this through a process of analysis, followed by creation of HANA external tables to link to database tables, creation of database views to replicate Universe derived tables, replication of Web Intelligence queries as database views, and finally creation of HANA Calculation Views.

This process uses automation to overcome the inherent complexity of both your existing SAP BusinessObjects data modelling logic, and SAP HANA's data modelling logic.

When you complete this process, stories from SAP Analytics Cloud can access the data in the original data source through HANA's direct connection to that data source. You can execute this process as many times as required to keep your HANA Calculation Views current with changes that may be made to Universes and Web Intelligence over time.

Deriving SAP BusinessObjects Data Modelling from Web Intelligence

Translate SAP BusinessObjects  Modelling to HANA Calculation Views

APOS Semantic Layer Migrator (UMMA) automates the data modelling process by extracting SQL statements from your Web Intelligence reports and translating them into SAP HANA Calculation Views, which HANA uses to model data for SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and other Analytics solutions, whether Cloud-based or On-Premise.


Note: find out how APOS Semantic Layer Migrator differs from SAP’s ULMT



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