Replacing BEx broadcasting workflows in SAP BW/4HANA

Leverage broadcasting capabilities of APOS Publisher for Cloud to replace workflows previously served by BEx Broadcaster


BEx broadcasting has been an important tool for organizations using BW. It has effectively served important communication workflows over the past twenty-plus years, allowing organizations to distribute reports to a wide variety of users, partners and customers. However, with the need to push content out to stakeholders continuing to be a critical requirement for many of these organizations, and with this capability not available in SAP BW/4HANA, such organizations need to deploy an alternative to BEx broadcasting as part of their move to BW/4HANA.

APOS Publisher for Cloud is very effective in replacing these broadcasting workflows.  In order to meet these needs, organizations create an SAP Analytics Cloud report to replicate the information that was previously being provided by a BEx report.  APOS Publisher for Cloud is then used to provide the broadcasting and distribution function which was previously being provided by BEx Broadcaster.  The automated, data-driven functionality of Publisher for Cloud, including secure filtering, formatting and distribution of content, is an excellent solution to meet these report broadcasting needs.

Use Case: Replacing BEx Broadcaster in an SAP BW/4HANA Environment

This customer, a leading, highly diversified agricultural sciences manufacturer, has been using BEx Broadcaster to keep its large network of customers, partners and resellers informed. The company planned to move their SAP BW deployment to SAP BW4/HANA, and needed to replicate BEx broadcasting capabilities on the new platform.

More specifically, they needed to broadcast hundreds of targeted reports to their partner and reseller networks. They needed their analytics to reach stakeholders outside of the SAP Analytics Cloud environment to fulfill their business process workflow requirements, and to meet user expectations. Key solution functionality drivers identified by this customer included:

  • Formats
    They needed to broadcast multiple formats such as Excel and PDF, and to be able to include multiple formats per email.
  • Dynamic Formatting
    They needed a large number of columns to fit within a landscape-mode PDF, and include color coding to emphasize key KPIs. Requirements also included a dataset that would vary in the number of rows being distributed, and formatting needed to adjust accordingly dynamically, with accurate pagination.
  • Targeted Distribution
    They needed to achieve broadcasting automation through data-driven bursting, and emails constructed through story filters.
  • Scheduling
    They needed to schedule targeted reports to a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders, including executives, partners and resellers.
  • On-Demand Bursting
    They needed to be able to burst on an ad-hoc basis to ensure they could meet the informational requirements of their recipients.
  • Volume
    They needed confidence that they would be able to deliver hundreds of reports in a timely manner both internally and externally.
  • Support for both Acquired data connectivity and Live data connectivity
    They needed to be able to broadcast a report, regardless of whether the report is using a live connection or an acquired data connection.
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
    They needed the broadcast process to access and distribute report content using their SSO technologies.
  • Emailing with distribution lists
    They needed report distribution to support both individual recipients and email group recipients.
  • Emailing from different senders
    They needed broadcasting to support emailing ‘on behalf of’ different senders.
  • Dynamic file-naming
    They needed a way to assign naming conventions dynamically for the attachments that would be sent with the broadcast email.
  • Ease of configuration and maintenance
    They needed to optimize automation, and limit ongoing manual intervention.
  • Printing
    They needed to be able to print SAP Analytics stories as they are displayed in the SAP Analytics Cloud stories, including Excel tables with all columns and rows.


Developing a BEx Broadcasting Replacement Strategy

Extend SAP Analytics access and replace BEx Broadcaster for BW/4HANA workflows.

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