UNX Adoption Project Cost Estimator


Converting UNV universes to UNX and repointing Web Intelligence is a large IT project for organizations with tens and hundreds of thousands of reports.

Many organizations facing this transition need to weigh their options to make best use of their resources. In our work with customers in the manual adoption of UNX universes, the calculator below reflects the typical time investment needed for each task required in the manual conversion process:

  • Manual conversion of universes from UNV to UNX format - 5 minutes per universe
  • Publish new UNX universe - 2 minutes per universe
  • Manual repointing of Web Intelligence report to new UNX format universe - 15 minutes per report
  • Verify and validate the repointed We Intelligence report results - 10 minutes per report
  • Publish the repointed Web Intelligence report - 2 minutes per report


Fill in the three fields below for a cost estimate for manually moving from UNV to UNX universes.

Number of universes to convert:
Number of Web Intelligence documents to repoint:
Expected hourly rate $:
Task Minutes Items Total
Manually Convert UNV to UNX 5 100 500
Publish UNX 2 100 200
Manually Convert Web Intelligence 15 5,000 75,000
Verify Web Intelligence report 10 5,000 50,000
Publish Web Intelligence 2 5,000 10,000
Total Time (Minutes): 135,700
Total Time (Hours): 2,262
Total Estimated Cost: $124,392
Not Calculated:
  • Costs and time delays due to manual errors
  • Opportunity cost of added project work on existing staff
  • Impact of limited availability of additional project resources


Automate and Streamline Your Move to UNX Universe


APOS Web Intelligence Migrator streamlines the universe conversion and report repointing process. Automating UNX adoption gives your organization the opportunity to complete a timely and ordered transition to UNX while managing your content and resources and avoiding disruptions.


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APOS Web Intelligence Migrator - Premium solution

Reduce your time and resource investment in your UNV to UNX conversion. APOS Web Intelligence Migrator enables high volume, bulk UNV to UNX conversion and automated Web Intelligence repointing to streamline your move with reduced risk, and increased speed.
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UNX Adoption Resources

If you haven’t already begun the process of converting to UNX, you should start soon, because many organizations with large numbers of reports to repoint are finding they need to plan a timely and ordered transition over an extended period of time to make best use of their resources. Learn more


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APOS Migrator for Web Intelligence

Why do you need to automate?


Whether you are upgrading your on-premise BI in preparation for SAP BI 2025, moving to SAP BusinessObjects Private Cloud Edition, or migrating to SAP Analytics Cloud, migrations can be challenging, putting strains on resources, so streamlining and automating processes is needed.

These calculations are for manually converting an average deployment, and do not include the additional cost of time and resources incurred by delays caused by manual errors, the training of additional staff and opportunity cost to existing staff of added project work, and the impact of limited availability of additional project resources.


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