Report Package Booster - BI Report Consolidation

The Report Package Booster module of the APOS Publisher solution provides BI report consolidation for SAP BusinessObjects. It lets you consolidate business reports for better BI report usability.

BI Report Consolidation

Report Package Booster builds a package of reports for individual information consumers so they receive a single consolidated report, in one format (such as PDF or Excel spreadsheet), rather than a series of disconnected reports.

BI Report Usability

The virtue of such BI report consolidation is that it simplifies both the management and use of reports by the information consumer. Administrators package information from numerous enterprise data sources in a format that makes that information more usable for the information consumer.

For example, you can hyperlink the packaged reports for ease of access to supplementary or drill-down information.

SAP BusinessObjects Report Wrapper

Report Package Booster creates a wrapper for a set of SAP BusinessObjects reports. All of the reports to be assembled into the package are run as a batch (as a folder of reports, or a report group, for example). Once all scheduled reports have run successfully, the Report Package Booster module processes the package and delivers them.